Got sent home from work today

Not one as large as a lab here in my county :frowning:

You have to check with them.I just remember when I moved in 3 years ago they told me I can have a pet and they said I just would have to pay a deposit.

What country are you in?

They shouldn’t have sent you home - you’re new there - they could have spoken to you in private and asked you not to wear them again.

Wow, I would never travel 25 miles to work. That’s too much money to be wasting on gasoline.

I bussed for two hours a day back when I was pre-SZ and that was soul draining. Then again, I trust a bus more than driving b/c I hallucinate too much. Oh well.

@odiledecaray I am so sorry this is happening to you. I bet your uncle is republican, right? I hope you get the new factory job, less stress on you.

Well, I failed the drug test and now have to wait a week for someone to call about my script or something. I’m bummed because I could have started tomorrow.

Are you home already? How are things with your uncle and aunt?

They’re gone at the moment, but I don’t even want to see them when they return.

:confused: Can you hide?

Yeah, I’ll stay in my room.

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So, they put me on the phones today. I had no idea what the f**k was going on and majorly freaked out. I went on my break, came back in to turn in my badge and quit.

I only made it through two weeks of training and gave up. I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t multi task, I couldn’t understand anything.

Hopefully I get the factory job after the lab contacts me about my failed drug test and I provide my prescription information.

You’ve done well - I can’t even get as far as an interview.

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Oh man! I’m sorry! Do you feel good about your decision? Maybe it’s for the best, I couldn’t handle call centers either, I quit also on training.

How did your family react? They know already?

I do feel it was best for me. I was crying so hard. My aunt is ok with it, but doesn’t understand why I couldn’t handle it because I’m “so smart”.

She’ll tell my uncle that I have another job lined up and hopefully he won’t be furious.

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Well it’s a good thing than, if you were so frustrated about it.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the factory job.


A factory sounds like way less stress and less multitasking. I would absolutely hate working at a call center too. Side note, if none of your customers see you, why would they throw such a fit over you wearing leggings?

Your new job offer is great news! Fifty miles of driving a day is a serious drain on cash. As for you uncle - he’s a douche, but he’s a douche you have to get along with. Just endure his assininity and keep a place in your mind where he can’t reach you.

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Sounds like they’re harassing you, which isn’t a good sign. Why the f*ck would they care anyways if you’re working at a call center? It would be one thing to be strict on dress code if you were interacting with customers face to face…

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Wondering if you and your daughter can get on welfare, or ssi/ssdi?