Got on my knees and begged

Can you read visually? A lot of us cannot stay with audio that well (myself very much included) because it’s on the “same channel” as the bloddy Voices. But we can get off that channel and read words on a printed page or a computer screen.

Asking again, do you have a specific dx of traumatic brain injury of some kind? Or are you asserting on the basis of your understandably crappy mental experience of anxiety, depression, etc.?

I can make suggestions on the basis of knowing one way or another that can lead to more effective interaction with your care providers.

As people will tell you here - how you look at things, how you think about things - is very important.

I also recommend you watch this series of videos:

And participate here in the forum. Social interaction helps everyone!


Is he using something like this?

which is this book in a .pdf

LO is a great introductory experience in CBT for depressives and other severely compromised MH pts.

cool i will look into this

Some videos on Learned Optimism:


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How about videos? Do they work for you?

Also - have you tried some of the supplements that seem to help with negative symptoms (like the cognitive issues you’ve mentioned - the difficulty putting the words together.)

Here are some supplements that some people say help them with the cognitive problems:


I will look into these and ask my psychiatrist about them

Do u think my parents insurance would cover those? Where do u get them?

medicine helps! please take advantage of medication and learning about your sickness. You know your body and the symptoms better than any doctor. Educate and medicate :slight_smile: I started Haldol last week and have not heard any voices since then, and I’ve hear full conversation voices for the past six years. Not one word, but full conversations. It’s trial and error with the meds. I tried many medicines (Abilify, Celexa, Chlorpromazine) before I came to this blessing (not to mention I was semi paralyzed on the right side of my body from the Haldol at first and could not walk for a day bc the doctor gave me too high of a dose). I cut down the Haldol dose, responding to my body and have not heard any voices ever since. And I’ve had a broken brain for 6 years previously. The silence is golden. As I mentioned EDUCATE and MEDICATE. take care


No - those supplements are relatively inexpensive, and typically are not covered by insurance (research on effectiveness is ongoing).

The sources are listed in the threads - just click on the above links for the supplement discussions and you’ll see some sources listed.

i am getting better…so there is hope.
i wish the same for you :four_leaf_clover:
keep going…
try and get enjoyment out of the small things;
nature :deciduous_tree:
coffee :coffee:
food :cake:
funny or interesting t.v
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:


It’s hard work to be positive… I know people make it look easy… but it’s not.

I know the road ahead is so very long… and hard… and while it seems everyone else has an easy road that they can catch up fast… we are always struggling…

But positive thinking does help… trying to do something little everyday to get better…

It doesn’t have to be big… just make today one millimeter better then today… just try one positive thought… then tomorrow try to find two positive thoughts…

It’s a long slow road… but it’s not hopeless
Good luck…


Thank you… for the good advice.

Thank you darksith

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You are quite young yet - The Future holds some promising and smart treatments (medications) for SZ.

Things will get better for you, even though it does not seem this way for the time being


I heard about some way they might learn how to alter genes for social impairment. social impairment is basically my biggest problem. it brings me a lot of humiliation. but you are right i am young and thats good i guess

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I beg God and I blame God for lots of my problems. I hope God doesn’t take it personally.

I used to believe punishments were handed out for cursing out God, but honestly if there is a God, he knows how ■■■■■■ up the world is and he probably understands…

Hi dbranch!
I have done this so many times. I don’t want commit suicide; I just want this to be over. But, in these times I have to remember that I do have good times once in a while. We must remember this!

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“I beg my parents and I blame my parents for lots of problems. I hope my parents don’t take it personally.”

Who or what is “God?”