Got my meds raised today

Got my zyprexa raised from 5mgs to 7.5mgs, in hopes it makes these micro-psychosis episodes go away. So I’m not on 7.5 mgs olanzapine (zyprexa) 30 mgs prozac (fluoxetine) and clonazapam as nended. I’m hoping the increase makes me gain a little more weight hehe, I could use a few more pounds.


I hope it helps! :slight_smile: That’s still a little on the low side, but if 7.5 mg does the trick then there’s no reason to go higher. Better to start low, like 5 mg, and go up incrementally as needed. The first time I was tried on Zyprexa, my first psychotic break (2003), I was taking 15 mg two times a day - wayyy too much, I could barely drag myself out of bed.

Wow that’s so much! Yeah I’m really sensitive to antipsychotic, so my pdoc and I always start out low and go up ever so higher bit by bit. Zyprexa is the 4th AP I’ve tried. It has a lot of metabolic side effects I’m told so that’s also why my pdoc wants to take it slow, I don’t want diabetes or anything! But I do want to gain maybe ten more pounds haha

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I’m unfortunate in that I have to higher doses of meds; low doses don’t cut it for me, be it an AP or an AD. I blame it on years of heavy drinking; I could be wrong, but I think my alcoholic liver has been built up so much that it metabolizes drugs too fast. I don’t know, that’s just my guess. It’s good that you can have positive effects at lower doses, though! :slight_smile: