Got groceries

got everything i needed. didn’t forget vegetables this time, (got a can of white kidney beans.) and i got dishwashing liquid. everything fell within my budget, which was cool.

oh and i didn’t get cherries. i saw something called blackberries that looked very appealing. i think i remember eating them before, so i decided to get it instead of cherries.

also, as i was walking home, i kept seeing small clouds of small light flies. smaller than fruit flies and looked whitish. looked like swarming dust particles almost. i’m not worried that i’m hallucinating though, i’m worried that maybe those small flies probably got into my hair or something. i should get something to cover my head.


Blackberries are very good.
I have eaten them right off the vine


I think kidney beans are more in the legume category. Funny, I don’t think of them as vegetables like carrots and green beans. More starch and protein in legumes.


well i messed up on the beans. the can requires a can opener, which i don’t have. had to slyly borrow a knife. next time i got to get beans from a can that can easily open, or get another vegetable.

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Did you buy cereal?

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You’re not living with your mom anymore? Hope you have good luck. Glad shopping went well.

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she’s upstairs

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Got milk?..

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of course, I always get milk. soon i’ll tame a wild cow too. lol just kidding

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I got groceries, everything for a tossed salad, a black forest cake for a treat, dumplings, Ice cream and banana’s for my shakes when I get home from work (hot week here) dish soap, eggs and hash browns, good for the week


Life without a can opener I can’t imagine. I would recommend you invest in one.

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well the beans and meat mix have been going quite good. it’s like i’m making my own full dinners, with vegetables and meat. wow! the vegetable idea really does make my meat meals a lot less boring.

Pick up a small camping can opener, I used the one my dad had in the military, needs no electricity.

Blackberries are easy to grow here, we had them in our backyard.

this time, i bought some beans in an easy-open can. the beans were very cheap too! though canned foods aren’t healthy, but meh, as long as it doesn’t have sugar.

No, not a lot of sugar, but a heck of a lot of salt, which is bad for your blood pressure, and heart.

I bought 2 apple pies


I get groceries tomorrow. Friday is grocery ordering day for me. They deliver on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 pm.

I make delicious bean burritos with canned black beans, tomatoes, onions, sour cream, salsa, cheddar cheese and flour tortillas. Heat it up in the microwave for two minutes. Yummy!!!

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Try finding an affordable store too.
There is a middle easter fruit/vegetable market here where i am buying fruit/vegetables from and I buy lots of fruits and veggies for 2 weeks and it is so much cheaper than regular super stores.

Pineapple Is a good idea. Sometimes I buy 2 pineapples for 3 bucks CAD.

i haven’t touched the beans yet, which is bad because i don’t want to finish all my meat and end up eating the beans alone. the beans were meant to complement my meals. lol