Hope this feeds a week

just came back home with food. got a lot of stuff. i did a bit of reading on how to get more food for less. i went for bulk. i also got less meat. i got:

1 gallon of milk
24 oz of cheerios
strawberries :slight_smile:
plum tomatoes :smiley:
16 oz peanuts
2 large smoked sausages

normally when i get groceries, they last me about 4 days. but recently, the new types of foods been lasting longer. so i’m confident that this food will last me twice that number of days!


Sup sir …what are u upto…nice buy tho…but i like chicken…

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i like chicken too. but unless i know to cook, i can’t be getting it too often

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Which animal meat do u like…like mutton.chicken.lamb.pork…etc etc…

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chicken. i rarely eat mutton or lamb. been over a year since i had mutton. i didn’t know mutton was even a meat

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He eats cows!!! Yummy cows. Yum yum yum. I’m just joking farcry I know cow is sacred in Nepal!! Chicken is much better anyways!!!


That’s great!
Another advice I can give you- buy at a cheap store!( or order online for cheap).
Advice on health-
don’t overdo the milk, it is recommended to consume dairy products is moderation.
Also smoked sausages don’t sound particularly healthy(are they a guilty treat?)

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the smoked sausage was a special. i go for specials whenever i can. but yeah i guess it’s a treat because i got it since it’s easy to eat. no preparation required.

I am willing to be your life coach for free :wink:
You can try stuff that’s easy to prepare like eggs.

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lol. i don’t really go for healthy food much. i just want variety in my meals, as well as making my foods last twice as long as they did before. also, i’m avoiding things that aren’t good for diabetics.

A bag of potatoes is cheap and easy to cook up. Just peel them (You need a potato peeler. You can do it with a small knife but a peeler is easier.), quarter them and dump them in a kettle of water and boil.

When we used to be really poor we got by on tuna salad sandwiches and beans…a bag of beans with a ham hock is a good cheap meal. Potatoes are cheap too like chordy said but I prefer to fry mine.

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