Got back to strength training tonight

I hadn’t strenght trained for almost 4 months. First I fell around January or February I think, then I had a kidney stone and had to have stents in me as part of treatment. Then I had degenerative disc disease flare up.

Just recently my back felt good enough for to do fast walking for cardiovascular exercise like I used to, but not for as long.

So tonight I just did some dumbell squats. Couldn’t do leg curls because it was too late at night to get to my stuff in the shed where most of my equipment is. Pretty soon I’ll get my Weider Ultimate Bodyworks from where I used to live. (It’s like a total gym)

I have never been one to do too many sets. I’m trying to build strength, not endurance.

It felt good, and I think my mood is a little better.


Thats great! Im exercising right now (just 20 min on the elliptical). I think its good for the endorphins. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. Yes it is good for the endorphins.


Im hoping its good for the motivation too. Im feeling unmotivated lately. Anything thats good for the brain, like exercise, Im all for.

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I hope you can successfully work on that. I make music and often I can’t work on it for very long. For a while I barely could motivate myself to play video games.

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