Got all paranoid lately

I had written that I was scared the WhatsApp sender of anonymous message would see I read it and it would activate GPS navigation system and locate me by satellite and send someone to kill me - and then the plumbers came and I was scared they’d kill me and hubby

Now the latest today that they’re gone is my family are hiding my parents death from me because I couldn’t handle it mentally and they’re trying to protect me by hiding it away from me.

This because I’ve been trying to get hold of my mother and sent her WhatsApps and SMSes to both her phones and it’s not like her not to reply after a week, and no communication. I sent message to my sister twice on WhatsApp and she saw it but didn’t reply - twice. My brother I sent to did reply at least - he first said he didn’t speak to her lately, and now said he did hear from them and they’re well.

I was glad to hear that but still afraid it’s just a front to hide the truth from me. And I’m scared that I killed my mother also accidentally with my thoughts because she manipulated me to speak in tongues and I got all upset and maybe send negative energy to her and she passed.

I’m still worried, I’m just waiting to hear from her now. I don’t want to call because I’m afraid I’d sound like a fool for worrying so much, I just want to wait till she’s online and hope that’s soon.

My mind is going off on tangents here. I haven’t been this paranoid in a month.

You sound like you need to go to the hospital and get urgent help. None of this is good for you.

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Maybe you need a med adjustment?

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Tell your pdoc everything you just told us. Hopefully, you’ll feel better soon

Why do you think I need hospital @ZombieMombie ? @Wave also mentioned it last night. I’m not danger to myself by thinking my family is hiding something. I’m scared, I don’t want to go unnecessarily as it’s hard I just want to… Dunno…

You’ve already posted about running away and self harm. You are a danger to yourself with these thoughts. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You need help to get past this.

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You seemed to be a danger to yourself wanting to self harm @Hadeda

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