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Dear Lonli Reader ,

Have You Ever Lost Someone In Your Life To Death OR Within a Relationship (???) ,

and If You Have , How D(Y)D You Get Throo it (???) ,


Do You Like Me OR Hate me (???)

… ((())) - (((Perhaps))) - (((Perhaps Naught))) - ((())) …

Yes, I lost both parents at an early age (11,19). I got through it through help of friends exclusively. Neither family wanted to help me. When I was 11, my mom died from cancer. My dad got too caught up in the moment and practically eloped with a new woman. I never dealt with it properly. You can get me talking about my mom, and my eyes will get misty quickly. My dad was alone and in the midst of suffering from bipolar. He shot himself, and with that event, I relied on my friends.

Also, I do not hate you.

yes, still working on it, giving it time is all i can do at the moment.
I don’t hate you!

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Hmm ,

Thaz 2 … ,

But There’s Thus … ,

Neither Of You Could Actually Say “i like you” … ,

HMPH (!!!) ,

Jus Kidding , Thot e(Y)e’d Trie To Cheer You Guys Up … ,

@alien99 e(Y)e Lost My Mom To Cancer So e(Y)e Understand … To a Degree , Thanks For Sharing …


Thank You @erratica You Are Tha Winner …(!!!)… ,

Go Get a Twix , Its On Tha House …

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Yeah man, cancer sucks ass. My mom got diagnosed in 1990, and by NOV 1993, she passed away in her sleep. She was home under 24-Hour Hospice care. She was in a coma for 36 hours, and then the nurse came out of the bedroom, and said “I’m sorry Greg. Your mom just died.” But that wasn’t the worst part. The wakes and funeral were the worst. At the first wake, I walked into the room, and I literally felt a punch in the chest. As if someone had just struck me. Never experienced that ever since. I have to wonder if she would have died in today’s modern medicine. Useless parlor game, but it does make you think.

I’m sorry for your loss too. I just thought I’d share, you don’t have to share anything you don’t want to. I’m not asking for that.

well, i don’t know you all that well, so far i think you to be interesting and witty. :gem: in the rough!

Don’t Worri , It Won’t Take Long For You Too Hate Me … ,

It Nvr Does … ,

Well , During My Mom’s Sickness (by tha way I don’t mynde sharing) ,

but During her Sickness It Was As If Tha Spectrum Kaliedoscope Of T(Y)me Turned Into a Speeding Frenzy Of Confusion … ,

e(Y)e Am a Faithful Individual So e(Y)e Expected Tha Best … ,

It Didn’t Turn Out That Way … ,

She Wanted To Die At Home , So She D(Y)D … ,

It Was a Horrifying Death Parade and My Family and e(Y)e Stood Around Her Deathbed In Tha Middle Of Tha Livingroom as She Clenched Her Teeth Gasping For Oxygen … ,

It Was Horrific To Say Tha Least … ,

As She Started To Fade , As My Aunt Asked Me To Do , e(Y)e Held Her Hand and Prayed Deep inside For An Answer From her That She Was Gonna Be Ok After She Was Gone … ,

Her Hand Didn’t Budge and e(Y)e Stood , Lost Confused and Wondering WHY e(Y)e Was Allowed To See Such a Reality … ,

N E Hoo ,

Can’t Blame Schizophrenia … ,

My Family Is Weird …

Thaz Where e(Y)e Live Yo …

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Aww man, that’s tragic. So sorry. The “good” thing about being a kid is you are not exposed to the world and what is going on.

As an adult you are aware of the human element - understanding death, watching your loved one become scared and literally beg for their life, and you going through the 5 stages of grief.

Within months on my mom’s death, I was in the prodromal phase, and 6 months later, the schizophrenia started manifesting. By DEC 1994 (she died NOV 1993), I was in the hospital. I have never recovered.

Did your mother’s passing trigger any kind of mental illness? I ask because that’s what pushed me over the cliff.

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@Erratica, what do you mean by this?

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Not true. People can recover from losses, even WITH schizophrenia. I don’t want to get into too much detail about my dad’s death out of fear of setting off some emotional bombshells. Somehow after years of fortitude I was able to put it in the rear view. Have some confidence in yourself. You’ve come this far with the hand you’ve been dealt, you can go further.


I lost both of my parents at a respectable age for them. My father was alone in ICU. My mother died as I sat by her bed. I didn’t say one word to her - it never occurred to me to say anything. Seemed a little strange later. We were never a demonstrative family. I guess it was my schizophrenia got me through. I’m glad no one wanted me to take some kind of action like praying.

I don’t hate you, but I don’t trust you.

I lost my dad and I still miss him.

And I like you.

e(Y)e , When e(Y)e Was 6 7 OR 8ish Year Old , Was About To Fall Asleep and e(Y)e Heard a Deep Gravelly Voice Of Slight Winking Evilness … ,

My e(Y)e’s Jumped Wide Open and e(Y)e Jumped Out of Tha Bed and Ran To My Mom and Told Her
e(Y)e Heard Something Talking To Me … ,

She Told Me Naught To Worry and Go Back To Sleep … ,

(Long Long Long Story Slightly Shortened) … ,

My Great Great Great Great Grandmother Was Institutionalized For Her Entire Lyfe … ,

No One In My Family Ever Talked About Schizophrenia Except Tha One Nite My Mom Told Me About My Grandmother … ,

e(Y)e Was Really Young and Didn’t Quite Understand … ,

So Years and Years and Years Later Perhaps 15ish Years Later My Aunt Came Over To My House and Repeatedly Asked Me If She Could Help Me … ,

“canihelpyou canihelpyou canihelpyou canihelpyou” … ,

It Creeped Me Out and e(Y)e Decided To Say Yes … ,

They Took me To Thee Emergency Room and e(Y)e During Those T(Y)me$ Was Seeing Figures and Faces and All Sorts Of Nonsense but e(Y)e Didn’t Tell Anyone About it … ,

e(Y)e Felt Fine … ,

Somehow My Family Knew e(Y)e Had Schizophrenia but Secretly Got Me Locked Into a Clinic Authority … ,

Yes a Nitemare To Say Tha Least … ,

My Mom Is Gone Now … ,

and e(Y)e Lyve With My Dad … ,

So e(Y)e Actually Have had Schizophrenia Since e(Y)e Was 8ish but Didn’t Get Punished For it Until 8ish years Ago … ,


N E Hoo ,

e(Y)e Get Confused ,

Example Rite Here … ,

and e(Y)e Have No Idea Why …

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