Good thing I have insurance

I’m taking my meds and I’m fine but it’s ridiculous that I should have to wait until November to see someone.

I have insurance to cover for a diagnosis but not treatment. And this sucks. I have an appointment today to see a consultant privately. I have to pay £300, my weeks earnings. Gone. Just like that. I’ll get it back hopefully as insurance covers.

I suppose I should be grateful for the NHS as I can get free treatment but I don’t think we will any longer have the NHS to be honest. We’re going down the route of privatization.

The only thing that helps my life money wise… is my insurance. My job pays OK. But the insurance and benefit package with the city is really amazing. Even my glasses are covered.

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If you have insurance, and you get into a private mental health facility they might keep you a long time because you can pay for it.

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