Insurance update

I have a previous post about losing my insurance and going off my meds. I finally got the information i need to fix the problem. The state and the irs are sending me forms that i need and as soon as they come i should be able to get my insurance in order.
Stupid me i thought my insurance was cancelled last month. After a phone call today, they did cancel my insurance but it is actually still in effect til the end of this month. I feel so stupid sometimes. There was no reason for me to even go through this suffering i have been going through the last few weeks coming off my meds. I am waiting for my doctor to get back from lunch so i can call him and have him give me a prescription.


The last few days i have been getting thoughts that just say murder or kill or kill myself. It’s been hard to focus and thoughts that aliens were stealing my soul and mind controlling me were coming back again. It was really bad this morning so i left work after about 2 hrs with the intent of having my mom drive me to the hospital. I was going to tell them aliens were mind controlling me to hurt myself and others. I expected i was going to be in the hospital for a while. I came home from work and decided to make some phone calls to straighten out my insurance and that’s when i found out i still have it til the end of the month.

I tend to procrastinate on things and this is a huge lesson for me to not do that anymore. I don’t know if it’s part of my illness or what but i always procrastinate. Is anyone else like that?

Yay !!! The pharmacy just called. my scripts are ready