Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! Today is a new day full with opportunities. Im going to play with my dog. And try to keep from drinking beer. Im going to get a wrap from the local gas station that serves food. Crispy chicken wrap. Yum. What are your plans for the day?


I too, have a beer problem. :thinking:
Sorry I can’t think right now it 4:53, my parents just left to vacation in house at Baja, I will watch dogu. Yeah man, I think that wrap sounds perfect.
Imma stay sober, do what makes me happy in the long-run
Cordially :call_me_hand:


I broke down and bought an 18 pack today. Its nit aitting in my atomach very well.

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@pasteyface , are you saying you drank 18 beers in one day? Or did I miss what you were saying?

Sorry that happened @pasteyface I struggle with alcohol sometimes, too. Best thing for me, is that I live with my folks and that deters me from drinking. They frown upon it, and would likely kick me out if I drank too much.

But I know what it’s like to live alone, got nothing better to do, so you start drinking. I hope you can start sobriety over tomorrow. Hang in there.


Yeah! just restart tomorrow, if you have a phone mark it on your calendar.
I always eat way tooo much, like food, but what Tulane said, rents me too. I also humiliate myself if I forget to stay off the forum.
Grab another wrap, lol, stay safe bredren

Also, you may wanna dump the left overs…

16 beers in one day.

My mom doesnt mind i drink. She just doesnt like when i get so drunk i cant function. My Dad is a former alcoholic and hates that i drink. I try to keep it to a 6 pack when he is around. Or a 24 oz beer.

That’s too much. You’re destroying your liver. Are you in a recovery program or AA? I think it would help you

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No. I was doing well for a while. But ive drank at least a beer a day for the past 8 days. Its okay if i buy a 6 pack. But when i buy 15 i drink em all. I cant stop. There is no AA around me. I live in the country. Ive tried zoom meetings but they havent worked.

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My problem is i never feel like doing anything. So i drink to fill my time. If i could just get my interest in things back id be fine.

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I hope you find some things to get you’re attention. What about walks on nature trails or in public parks?

When i would have the money i would do the same, but since i don’t work anymore, i don’t have money for anything, sometimes i search the public ashtrays for tabbacco leftovers and i am tempted to drink discarded alcohol bottles in the streets. Its a punishment not having a job.

Im not much of a walker. But i do like photography. Maybe it would be good to go to the local park and take pictures. Most of my time is spent laying down. If i get too much exercise i get paranoid

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I am an avid tobacco chewer. Luckily i got disability to help me pay for my car and phone. Id be screwed without it. I cant imagine having no income at all. I like to buy things too much

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@pasteyface , have a talk to your medical team, or family doctor.

@Jonnybegood takes naltrexone for addiction issues.

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@pasteyface have you given medication a thought for your alcoholism. You still have to want it but some “right fits” in meds can save an alcoholic from their pitfalls if it’s the final piece. Me personally I take naltrexone every day for 6 1/2 years now and I can say with a straight face I haven’t been drunk in 5 1/2 :smiley:

I mean I went off my abilify in December of 2016 but that was really the final straw. I never stopped meds since and I think antipsychotics and naltrexone can work in conjunction to combine to even further to help addiction than just naltrexone. So you’re probably at an advantage if you take antipsychotics in some regards to alcoholic medications…

Like for me:
abilify+naltrexone =no drinks
Just Abilify =some drinks for me
Naltrexone only=some drinks
Neither med=15-20 drinks per day. Drunk all the time

So abilify and naltrexone it is!!

Just my experience. There’s other meds for alcoholism also.


You beat me to it lol. Thank

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Taking photos outside is a great idea!

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