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Anyone up for a chat?


It’s 2:30am where I’m at and I can’t sleep. Anybody up and willing to chat?


Whats up girl…!!!




What’s up @far_cry0!!! How you been?


What does 1615161516 mean?


We put it when the post is under 15characters.


Ooooooohhhhhh that makes sense :joy: I feel dumb


I’m up too. 12:43am. Just took a shower. Have a hematology appt in the morning.


Are you worried about it? Is that’s why you can’t sleep?


@Longhorn21 u are just 24… lot younger then me…!!


Oh really! If you don’t mind me asking how old are you?


I am just 32… what are ur interests…!!


Music and sports can’t live without it!


Do u wish to work anytime sooner…!!!


Yes but nobody will hire a alcoholic and drug addict with a record let alone a schizoaffective. So I’m going back to college to get a degree in behavior science to become a substance abuse counselor


Good idea …!!!


Thanks! How about you do u work?


Nope. I already know my lab results from a week ago. Prolly I won’t need a phlebotomy with the 16-gauge.


That’s a relief needles that big suck!


I have hemochromatosis, meaning iron overload. It’s genetic. They did the gene test and I had more than one pair of alleles coding for the disease. But after I quit drinking, it’s been a lot better, so alcohol definitely contributed to high ferritin (iron). I now have 10 months sober :slight_smile: