Day 1 again

do not consider myself alcoholic but im starting to drink when i have an excuse again… like it’s a saturday… like im not an alcoholic drinking is okay

most people in my life have given up or drink once in a blue moon… im usually somewhere in between these 2 and compulsive…

it’s happened a few times with a lot less control over picking up than i’d like (3x in 3 weeks) and it’s getting so that i need to eat more to distract myself from feeling a slight craving

this is also a time where i get slightly more down and tired… positive energy is harder to come by.

so now i have to go to AA as well as my other 3 fellowships… probably about time

there’s a lot of unnecessary hell to be avoided


I used to be addicted to smokes. Took me years to get rid off it, but I haven’t touched a cigarette in 4 years. It’s possible to break addiction cycles.

Good luck with quitting alcohol!


Good luck with it you’re okay :hugs:


congrats on quitting smoking xx
i quit smoking a 60 a day habit 16 years ago


thanks @LittleMissSlothy
sponsoring someone in OA and it feels wrong to need more food after a drink and not be available for her some of the time
recently was off drink for several months at a time then a few weeks of drinking a bit
this has been a pattern
Without fail I feel better without


Yea I understand it ain’t easy. Just keep trying ur doing okay as long as ur trying don’t beat urself up it doesn’t help


Good luck @Three . i have been without alcohol for two days, it was nice, but now i can feel the craving again and i don’t know if i can keep the promise.

When i was young “Sisters Of Mercy” was my favorite band. Last week I heard their first LP “First and last and always” and it is still an awesome LP. Especially the track “Black Planet.”


Good luck! I’m glad you’re going to AA. People swear by it.


Good luck. Don’t be afraid to start over. I have no idea how many times I have quit smoking. I am yet again trying. Seem to be doing pretty well this time.


Day 2 and a half for me. The longest I have made it sober this year is two weeks. If I made it that far then I do not know my reasoning to drink again.

Gonna do AA for sure.

Best wishes for you.

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I love the saying “better to be at day one instead of one day.” Work your program and do the things and you’ll get through it. It’s always a win when we can recalibrate and recognize we need to go back to whichever program or method we use for sobriety. Tomorrow will be day two.


have you tried AA before blue butterfly? I have no way of staying sober without it really

Sisters of Mercy were my sister’s favourite band and one of mine as well of all time

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No, i have not tried them yet. I’m not that good at group meetings, I always feel misplaced in large groups and in Denmark it’s not a common treatment.

I’m at bit envious of all you Americans in that respect, it sounds like they really help you guys.

At the moment i’m following the guidelines to men from the health authorities in Denmark:

Don’t exceed 15 units a week.
Don’t drink more than five units a row.
And my own guideline: Don’t drink before six in the evening

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