Sober tonight

I’m sober now just chillin at home. It’s Saturday and a lot of my old friends are partying. Not me though. Who’s sober and who’s not on here?




I’m sober. Not an alcoholic, but I quit drinking when I started meds because of interactions.


Been sober for a long time, hardly think about it now


Free from all heavy drugs for like 5 years now.

Cigarette free (which was the hardest to quit out of them all) like a month and a half.


I’m sober right now at 10pm, but I wasn’t earlier. I’m an alcoholic and drank a six pack of beer. I’m going to try and get back on the wagon tomorrow.

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I’m not cigarette free and I still drink coffee, gonna try to quit smoking soon though.

Ya don’t let it derail you (drinking today, that is) get back on.

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Most alcohol makes me sick. The only thing I can drink is coffee with baileys Irish cream or kahlua with milk (brown cow).
My pdoc says 2 drinks max and not more than 3 days a week. I’d never drink that often.
I wish for all that struggles with alcohol and other addictions my best. Here’s a hug for you all ((hugs)). You can do it!!

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Sober, but I’ve never been drunk a day in my life. I’m too scared it’ll make me sick to my stomach. I drink fruity drinks- especially frozen ones- if I do have a drink. I try to avoid it, though, as it interacts with virtually all of my meds.

I’m sober today because they can’t legally sell alcohol on Sundays in Arkansas. I’m debating whether I’ll drink tomorrow or not. I go to AA, and I reset my sobriety date to today. I thought it would be nicer if my sobriety date was January 1st instead of December 29th, but maybe I shouldn’t let the date not matter so much. I’ll see how I’ll feel tomorrow.

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@ElGato. I’ve always drank. It’s not a lot but I do enjoy beer and growing up here out in the tropics most folk do…

Still. Really screwed me up coming from New Orleans…a place where Super Popeyes sold margaritta’s by the gallon to a place in Fayetteville Arkansas where they didn’t serve alcohol on Sundays. That really did my head in but for you I think it’s good…

If you wake up in the morning and your thinking of alcohol you’ve a problem. If you can go a day without your not doing too badly… Where are you in Arkansas?

Little Rock. Glad to know you are in the same state. I’ll probably think about alcohol, but I don’t have to drink. I called my boss and told her I won’t be in Monday, but will be there Tuesday and Wednesday. Just a volunteer job. I need to straighten up my apartment for pest control coming in this week.

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I am sober,but I couldn’t stop cigarette.Alcohol relexes you and put you to sleep.Nicotine stimulate your,make you less tired or sleepy

Cigarettes are the hardest to quit.


I’m sober, but it is the norm for me. I, as a general rule, hate the taste of most alcohol, so it is hard for me to abuse it. Good luck with your attempt at quitting smoking.

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Every cigarette user want to quit,but couldn’t :frowning_face:

I’m about a month into it.

I think I can keep going :thinking:


You will lose because your not on antipsychotic

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I think @DNA will do just fine, APs or not. APs don’t determine one’s ability to quit smoking. That’s just nonsense.

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