Good morning. What are you doing today?

Good morning. I’m going to finish up the dishes today. Got about half left. I’ll take a nice relaxing bath today at some point. I have boxes to break down and get to the dumpster. My son built my exercise bike last night so I’ll exercise today finally. I’ll also do my physical therapy exercise for my neck and posture. I think this morning I’ll run a load of towels through the wash before it gets too hot. There’s no AC in the laundry room. Anyway that’s enough stuff to keep somewhat occupied. What are you doing today?


Planning to go for a walk at some point. Other than that I’ll probably just relax. My motivation is not very good today.


My motivation isn’t very good either. I think the thing that motivates me is it physically hurts to sit all day so I have to get up and do something every once in awhile. Pain - the great motivator.


Yeah, I know what you are talking about. That’s why I have to push myself to do a walk. I can’t sit around the house the whole day and let my body decay, have to do something for my health.


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