Good memories of the past

When I was ok in America in the early 1990s and I was a management consultant helping international companies to develop their internal systems, I used to drive long distances such as often I drove to a little town Evergreen in Alabama from Atlanta in the darkness and listened some stimulating music such as this. Those were some happy times, when I was ok.

I have good memories of driving a tight in the cool Michigan summer air listening to Bob Segar playing Night Moves on the radio. Sorry don’t know how to upload the song.

I remember driving home from San Francisco at night by myself when I was 19. I was so tired that I kept nodding off for one or two seconds at a time. The freeway had three lanes. I would be in the fast lane and fall asleep and wake up in the slow lane without remembering how I switched lanes. It was like that for about half the trip home.

I remember driving somewhere in the desert near San Bernadino when all the tread came off one of my rear tires. Miraculously the air stays in the tire and I’m driving on steel belts. My spare is flat so I drive on the steel belts to the next exit and to a gas station where I buy a used tire.

When the belt came off it broke a pipe on the gas filler. I had a spare radiator hose in the car and some hose clamps and I was able to fix the gas line so I could put gas in the tank. I left it like that until the truck was stolen years later. It was one of those times when everything worked out and you couldn’t imagine your luck.

I remember moving to a town to get my first job designing homes. It was night time and I was singing “moonshadow” over and over again by Cat Stevens…don’t know why.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I’m with you @Erratica I choose not to think of my “happier” memories too…just makes my reality that much sadder.

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