GOOD HEALTH IS HEAVEN. What are you doing?

GOOD HEALTH IS HEAVEN. What are you doing?

Let us hear about it…

I’m on calorie restriction.

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Good health really is heaven.

Flesh is hell.

There is little to no health in flesh.


I am totally taking a geek approach…

I am using my android cell phone a lot as a tracking tool. I use Noom pedometer to track my steps. It exports data to CSV files which I can analyze with some programs I wrote. I am also developing a speech based food diary app which is pretty cool so far.

I use a pulse tracker on my phone and a blood pressure cuff that I log results into an app called keeptrack pro.

KeepTrack is a pretty cool app… I even track the odometer on our car with it.

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right now? smoking a ■■■, sipping beer, and about to order a pizza while listening

and being a bit rude, boy

I’m eating my face off and losing weight. What you eat turns out to be more important than the calories you count. Google ‘Fast Metabolism Diet’ by Haylie Pomroy.


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I’ve been walking back and forth briskly in my room for two hours a day - one hour in the morning and one in the evening. It’s been helping me lose weight. I could stand to lose about fifty pounds.

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Enjoying the good health of being in isolation lol…as a WISE man once said “isolation” is GOOD (can’t cite source do to site restrictions.)

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