Good food tasting spoiled to me

I know it’s not spoiled but my mouth thinks otherwise. Anyone know a remedy for this hallucinating? :apple::disappointed_relieved:

I used to think people had poisoned my food, and I went about fixing it a couple of ways.

1.I’d just think about if it was poisoned I would be way dead already so I’m good so far.
2. Just had biiiig f-u energy towards it. Sort of being spiteful like “yeah go for it you won’t hurt me.” energy.
3. This one turned into a bigger issue but imagining the food was going back to how it was originally in my mouth always helped the most. So if you imagine it rotting just push yourself to imagine it turning good again.


Did it actually taste poisoned to you? See, I don’t “think” it’s poisoned but it sure tastes like it is. My mind knows it isn’t poisoned but my taste buds say it is.

It would taste like it, but then I’d imagine it turning into sugar or bits of good food and that helped a lot, but it took awhile before I could do it and not just panic about the poison part.

Some medications mask your senses! For example if your sense of smell is off food tastes off! I have this problem at times especially with coffee and chocolate!


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