Gonna try doing this thing for money

to keep it simple i am hoping to try and become a handy man,

I am a bit scared and apprehensive but excited at the same time, i can pick my jobs from a list and everything is done electronically so its easier to get paid and i would hopefully get some good reviews.

I really hope this works I’ve been trying so long to get something and there has been a lot of ups and downs, i really hope this works out, its flexible in my spare time so it sounds ideal.


So what kinds of handyman jobs are you good at? I think this is a great idea and I hope it goes well for you! :slight_smile:


Hope it goes smoothly


Sounds like a great idea if you are good with your hands and with tools. Best of luck to you.

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Do you have any experience being a handyman?

Not just fixing things around your house,

Like real experience?

Its not just fixing things, its running errands and moving furniture as well as Garden stuff, and i have helped my mum with all of these things,

The good thing about it is that i can choose what i want to focus on (or not) and everything would be tailored around what i can actually do.

The biggest problem i can see is if something is beyond my capabilities but i think if i am careful and only choose small jobs it’ll be ok

My Dad and my sister are jack of all trades so it runs in my family. I am good at something’s though. When I was young I used to do lawn care. It was all cash and I made good money. You just need a truck and a trailer is best. I used to use my Dads van. You could get $40 to $60 for cutting a decent sized yard if you do the edging and the weedeating too.

One of my best friends growing up has a college degree and he still does lawn care for a living. Mostly commercial accounts. He says he is getting too old for it now and is thinking of getting out of the business. It’s a young mans game.

Good luck.

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thats great, my dad was a mechanic so he was good with his hands, he also helped our neighbours with garden work, it was my idea to clear an old piece of land behind my mums garden that belonged to the electricity board, my dad and his friend cleared it (it was overgrown and infested) the electric board then offered it at a cheap rate and my neighbour bought it but my mum didn’t want to use it, it was just a nice thing to do that worked out well.

Great idea dude!

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