Mom and dad are handy, im not

just thinking about home improvement projects. mom and dad are usually diy’ers, when it comes to home stuff. but me I will have to pay contractors to do things for me, like remodel my bathroom, put in a new deck, and put in new flooring. its going to add to the cost. I think im too lazy to do it all myself and would probably mess something up. I will even pay someone to put a border in my kitchen. it’s just wallpaper, but I don’t want to have to take the trim down and put it back.

but all the landscaping and yard stuff, I will do myself.

I spent 2 hours working in the yard today, raking leaves and gathering up old flower pots and the like. Now I have to figure out how to dispose of the non-organic materials and this pile of firewood I’ve had sitting there for 7 years. I asked a guy how much he would charge to rake the leaves and take away the firewood and he said $1200! My yard is less than 500 square feet! I think he just didn’t want to do it.

Anyhow, my back is already sore. Tomorrow is going to be brutal.


$1200 wow. yeah I don’t think he wanted the job. my uncle would take that firewood from you for free. he’s retired and sells firewood all winter. he’s always looking for wood or trees to cut up. he uses his firewood money to pay for all his golfing.

I think it’s mostly rotten. It started out covered with a tarp but that’s fallen off like 70% over the years.

Is it safe to burn punky wood? I just assumed it wasn’t. Plus bugs and all that.

My boss said to just post it free on Craigslist, no matter the condition, and that someone will come get it. She said someone told her to post her random half-empty decades old paint cans and she was like beating back a crowd of people wanting to take them! :joy:

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