I like the idea of self employment!

it could be something as simple as a lawn care company idk, i like that idea more than being an employee and my fate being decided by some middle management dude with his business degree.

i honestly could cut 10 yards a week probably if i wanted to, would just have to find something for winter.


Leaf removal in the Fall and Snow removal in the Winter


To mow lawns you’ll need a lawnmower and some way to transport it.

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Finding clients in the beginning is the a hard part. When no one has heard of you and you don’t have any experience people are reluctant to hire you. However, once you break past that barrier it gets easier.

Word of mouth advertising is free and probably the best. People tend to trust their family and friends recommendations more than any advertising campaign.

I freelance as a computer technician, and slowly but surely one job led to another as my name got passed around town.

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