Any tips to make money quick?

I am going on a vacation in two weeks, but funds are low. Does anyone have advice on how to get a bit more money quickly? I’d sell stuff, but idk what I’d sell.

Pawn don’t sell. Gold, jewelry, newer electronics, silver, antiques…

But really I advise against it

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Do you mean take stuff to the pawn shop?

U could try putting in an ad for lawn mowing or weed whacking.i did that one summer, I made good pay.
Or just sprucing up yards if u don’t have equipment

Good thinking!! I could pull weeds for my parents, I’m sure. Their gardens desperately need weeding done.

Donating plasma can earn you some money I believe

I would hire you to clean my ceiling, weed the yard and mow the lawn

Landscaping of any kind. Pays under the table, makes tons of money, and paid weekly.

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I have no other better idea except personal loan with fast approval. Bad idea, isn’t it?

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Yes lol

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