Gonna steal a girl away from her boyfriend

This friend I have told me to get a haircut. I think she wants to mould me into her boy toy and make the switch if she could. Lol. I like her

Whatever I’m feeling better. I’m on invega though. That’s a problem

She could be reading this that would be embarassing

She’s schizophrenic too. She belongs with me

I might buy some nice clothes and clean up I know she likes me

I want off invega. But I can’t do it until I I am healed completely on invega

I’m thinking of taking cabergoline. I must be crazy

So, when do you see this girl again?

I just text her for now. i saw her when I was completely gone on the psyche ward three years ago. She called me. So I asked her out once. But then she said it wasn’t a date when I called it a date. She has a boyfriend. But if I had a sex drive I could steal her. I might try anyway

I don’t know I’m still in rough shape.

That would be crazy if she read this. If you’re reading this babe. I want you anyway. Ha

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I’m just glad that I’m a little capable. Good day today. Considering

I happy you are happy, enjoy this moment.
And your texting says it all.

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Pure carrot juice. Good for you

why be interested in a woman that’s already taken? there are plenty of women out there.

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How you know she fancies you?

This girl can itch my last little annoying hormone anytime she wants. Lol. No she’s just the only girl that I’ve been able to read text from and keep communicating with while I’ve been trying to heal brain damage. I like her. I’ll just keep communicating with her she’s good for my brain. If I can get some skill back that’s neuroplasticity right ? Gotta keep working on my brain

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Good luck. If it is meant to be then it will happen :four_leaf_clover:

Hope your friend will be OK too. Whatever happens.

Have you heard of erotomania? It is a symptom of psychosis that can cause you to believe someone is in love with you despite clear indications that they are not, and the false belief that they are communicating with you in secretive ways. For example, she has a boyfriend, she explicitly told you she was not going on a date with you, you keep posting as though she is reading these messages.


The mind of reason comes again