Going to the cinema

I sometimes go to the cinema to get out of the house
on Saturday I saw San Andreas. it wasn’t a bad film. I had salted popcorn


I once had a melt down in a cinema, I haven’t been able to force myself back into one since.

lol, salted popcorn? what kind of a third world country you from? lol :smiley:

I once went to see one of the Supernatural films (really crap post Blair Witch first person horror) when slightly psychotic, just to prove that I could. It was… Weird… Not an experience I would care to repeat.

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I go to the movies to distract from my voices. When they were strong, it was the only distraction that worked.

That said, I watched tomorrow land last week. It was silly but had a good message. That we all must join together, from all walks of life, and change this world for the better.

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I have never been to the cinema on my own . I don’t go as I have no one to go with.

You can go to cinema alone. I go alone all the time

I have too much anxiety to sit down and watch a movie

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The nearest cinema to me is going out of business.

me too i also couldn’t concentrate…

The last time I went to the cinema they played Frozen. I don’t like those surrounding sounds and people chewing their stuff and giggling around me. Also can’t remember when was the last time that something good was on.
Watching movie is a private experience I think.

Hey “sarad” ,

Hav Yoush Evah Erd Ov (((A SCANNER DARKLY))) (???) ,

Tis Ah Gud Myuvie , I Suppose … …

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Lol you asked me that before. I did not but I read the book

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THA MOVIE . ! . ! . ! . ! ,

Fo Reel Tho ,

When You Get Tha Chanse Yo …