Do you go to movies

In the 1990s when I lived in America I went to movies every Friday. After a divorce in 2000 I have not gone to movies at all. I have been watching many DVD movies.


I haven’t been to the movies in years. They opened a nice theater nearby several years ago and i went many times but it’s been a while. When i do go, i like to catch a midday matinee. It’s cheaper and less crowded. I’ve sat through movies where i was the only person in the theater. I like that.

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Before COVID I would go with my fiancée to the movies, about 1 a month. It was part of our date night, along with a nice restaurant.

I miss it. I’ve always enjoyed it. My aunt used to take me to movies as a kid, good memories.

Have a good day.

I saw so many movies in theaters in the 90s.

2000 seems to have been my cut off too.

I’ve seen a few indie films at the art cinema over the years, but the last mainstream movie I saw in a theater was Blade Runner 2049 in 2017. I can probably count on one hand the movies I’ve seen in a traditional theater in the past 10 years.

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I use to go to the movies a lot when I stayed in the city. Now I’m in a small town and the nearest movie theater is 50 kilometers away so I don’t go.

Last time I went to the cinema with friends was last year.

No. When I was living in my condo I wanted to start catching a movie during the day but never did.

Nope, not for many months now. I’m really looking forward to the Top Gun sequel.

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Even before virus, with sz I’m too afraid of movies, it’s loud, overwhelming and I’m always afraid I’m gonna get shot.

Last time I went to movies I had to leave early.

What was the recent Leonardo DiCaprio movie?

In the past four years (since the start of my dx)
The only movies I’ve been able to watch are the joker and la la land I think it’s called. That musical with that cute guy. In the cinema.

I’ve been invited to a few other cinema movies but I either napped during them, or was on my phone

What about Magic Mike? Lol

Lol what’s that is it the one to do with basketball.

I wish I had sky TV I would watch music channels at least.

Basketball Diaries is one of my favorites. Such a classic…

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I’m talking about his most recent though.

It’s crazy that I live in walking distance to a theater yet haven’t been there once since I moved to this town.

Too spoiled by streaming services to be honest.


Wow I almost lost my mind. I thought it was a Leonardo DiCaprio film. He hasn’t been in one since 2019. I was thinking about Tenet the Christopher Nolan film.

Anyone remember going to movies when you were younger and there were drunk guys filming it on a camera? I remember I was in a theatre when I was like 19, and there was this massive guy on acid and had a bottle of alky and he was threatening people, when security came to try and get him he yelled, “It’s gonna take swat to get me out of here!”

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No but one time when the projectors were lower I did hand birds.