Going to start exercising more finally

I noticed when I mowed our lawns that I was really sore for a while…my wrists and shoulders are still a bit sore…was looking at my chest and arms naked in the mirror and they used to be so firm and strong and now they are weak looking with flab. gonna change that. gonna start doing my yoga again and isometrics too to firm up my arms especially…it’s about time !!


Plenty of good bodyweight exercises and routines on the interwebs. Check out free ones on youtube but it’s a good thing to be doing at any age.


I think your 20.000 steps a day is amazing. It’s not easy and I think start off smaller if not walked in ages. But was surprised at your fitness program. Well done that’s really good. Wish I could do this


One of my new year resolutions was to start walking more. I practice fast-paced walking in a park, it’s less effective than jogging but better than nothing. Yet somehow I’ve gained 3 pounds since January :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I used to walk up to an hour every day couple years ago now I do very small amount but hope to build on it I love the outdoors and fresh air
Good on you taking up more exercise good luck


Good for you @jukebox!
Good luck!

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