Going to concert I need social anxiety tips

I’m afraid of humiliating myself somehow

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Whenever I want social anxiety, I just go to work. It comes naturally. IDK. Sweat a lot, don’t talk etc.

Who are you going to see?


If I tell you I fear someone will stalk me

But funny joke, haha

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Just fake confidence and try not to to dwell on catastrophic thinking.

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Five years ago I went to my first concert in 15 years. It was overwhelming but good. I stood in the back, behind all the fans, where there is some space.
I soon forgot my anxiety. And today I go to several concerts a year.

You should go, and if you fail - I don’t think you will - just try once more and don’t blame yourself.

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Having something to fiddle or fidget with in your hand can be helpful.
Having some earplugs in case it gets too loud.
Having an exit strategy or plan for if things get too overwhelming.

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Are you going by yourself or with others?

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This hits very close to hone as someone going to a concert soon with anxiety.

Here are some tips I like to do:
-Print a copy of the venue map, notate exits.
-Be sure phone/watch have 100% battery.
-Take a picture of where the car is parked.
-Bring extra deodorant (I worry that I smell)
-Bring pocket sized calm totem.
-Download Uber, update card on file.

The most important one is the last one. Friends will look out for you especially if they understand you are nervous. They want you to have a good time and will help you do that.

I hope you have fun!!

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Ha. Have a good time and don’t worry about other people.

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Get groovy and dace.

I would say to try to occupy your mind. Try not to think about the fact that you have anxiety or it will probably make it worse.

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When I have social anxiety over going to a theatre or concert I stay home.

Hey, it works.

Yeah but try n enjoy, take it easy, escape route or something. Have a blast!

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