Are you nervous socially

I am…any tips…


I get paranoid In public. I don’t like eye contact,Iwear headphones on bus. Just take it easy. Distraction.


used to be. I had acne, made me nervous and anxious, I switched to a vegan diet and it went away…no more anxiety.

I guess my advice would be just ignore your nervousness and try to act normal. from my past experience


I am socially fu####.

Now I have some idiot trying to govern me with hate and jealousy and power crazedness.

No one is to govern me.
They all think they are superior.
I disagree.

They try to stop me from doing things that are good for me and that help me.

Such as yoga.

A yogi should not be of such moral …

May they not succeed but they usually do succeed.

They drive me away from rock n roll dance lessons I did years ago and from places I volunteered etc

Distraction. Wearing ear buds with music you like. Have someone with you that you trust.

I pick restaurants that are not usually full and that have booths so i can’t really see other people

Grocery shopping early morning or late evening seem to be way less busy.

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