Any tips for going out to a crowded restaurant without loosing your cool?

I’ll be one of a group of four.

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Take some L-theanine an hour before you go out. Being a group of 4 is good as others can do the talking.

This doesn’t work well when my voices are very active but when they are quieter closing my eyes and thinking of pleasant memories helps me.

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People are there to eat, talk, and relax and have a good time. NOT to fight or cause trouble. Your friends want you there, they might make sure nothing happens to you.


You start somewhere. It’s not hard. Listen. Comment and get interested in what people say.

If symptomatic probably not a good idea but if on meds and you keep your stress levels down then have a good night!

There’s no easy answers. And there’s no hard questions…it is what it is and engage and do well…

That is my goal!

A friend in the struggle,


Don’t get too overwhelmed and stay calm with l-theanine. It could help.

Take away instead of dining in.


Take a prn maybe have a friend to talk to, bring cell phone with if not rude, sit away from people’s glances. I’m always thinking when is my food coming.

The only thing I know how to do in public places is to sit somewhere where my back is to a wall and am able to see the whole room. I told the proc that and he said lots of people do that. Werks fer mee!

Focus on your Immediate vision.
Not the sounds

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