Going to buy Surface 2 later in the morning

Excited. Sponsored by my Dad. It costs AUD 390 plus another 40 dollars for the bag.

Soon I will be visiting Windows Store. Logged on all the time with my Hotmail ID, finally.


I love getting new electronics. :+1:

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Good for you. I just got a chrome book. I am using my phone because my wifi is broken right now.

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Thanks. Spend according to budget. hehe…

Doesn’t Chromebook support micro-SIM? I didn’t know that. You can use 3G with some models of iPad, though.

I’m not sure. What is micro sim?

SIM, your phone has one. Micro-SIM is smaller than SIM. You can press on the centre of a SIM and the micro-SIM should be able to detach itself.

It does. …/…

ETA: it came with a Sprint SIM card. I haven’t really done much with it, because I have been without internet and I’ve just started school. It’s a shame. I haven’t even charged it completely. I hate living out here.

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You can use SIM card with Chromebook.

You can use a SIM card to connect to the Internet, if your Chromebook is capable of accessing mobile networks. To activate the SIM card, follow the instructions provided with your Chromebook. Having trouble activating or using the SIM card? Contact your mobile carrier for further support.

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It didn’t come with directions, but I’m doing it. The problem is that I am too far away from any city. Sprint has a tiny network compared to Verizon which is what my phone and wifi hotspot are on. … No cellular network available. Thank you though.

You’re welcome. :smiley:

this is reminding me of when I lived out in the middle of nowhere…if I wanted to use my phone I had to go up to this particular spot up above a gravel pit I called the precipice. Signal wasn’t even very good there but it worked…

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I try to block the reality of this sad country darkness out, but sometimes I like to look on Craig’s List for apartments in the big city. I hope to find one with a dishwasher and a safe outdoor space for my cats. I also need it to be close to school.



What he said! Congrats on your new tablet.


Thank you…were you directing at me?


I am jealous. That would allow me to run the full version of photoshop on a tablet. drools

Sorry for that. It is within our budget and interest to explore new technology from Microsoft. What’s a “drools”? Is that a new vocabulary for me?
So you mean Surface is the only tablet which support full version of Photoshop? Thanks for letting me know.

Did you get the new tablet yet?

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That means she likes the idea of running the full version of Photoshop on a tablet so much that she’s drooling. It’s a good thing. :smile:


No, the mall will only open after 10am, still one or two more hours to go…