Going out on your own

Does anyone go out on own
I am single with no friends go out with
I go cinema and cafés on own
Better than stay in the four walls
Anyone else go out on own?


I can no longer drive due to disability and I live in the woods with nothing in walking distance.

I’ve done that quite a bit. I would be doing it now, except I live in a town of about 300 people and there is no place to go out. I kind of like it, myself. Sometimes I want company, but not often.

It’s a real struggle with symptoms to deal with a public space but I do frequent coffee shops. I don’t stay long just get my coffee and leave.

You could make a bar your spot and at least get to know the employees through some appropriate chit chat.

I’d be your friend… Good luck out there.

i usually don’t go out on my own except to college but i know i will be meeting my friends or classmates there and this drives me on,

but i went shopping on my own into town for the first time and it was a lot easier than i thought, i would never have been able to do it for so long if not for my anti anxiety med which has been a godsend for me, i can cope with so much more now, it has helped me break through that barrier that was holding me back,

before the anti anxiety med i could only stay in town for a little while say under an hour or an hour at the most and that was pushing it,

now i can cope with going into more places and shopping around more, i lasted about 2 hours the other day when i went shopping and that is amazing for me and i could have stayed for longer i think,

modern medicine (if you can find the right one) is amazing, i can’t believe how good it is,

the only thing holding me back now is the weight gain, hoping to lose some weight.

Good luck daydreamer.

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I do go to work on my own… I have to admit… I lean on my siblings when it comes to going out. It’s easier going around with them. I feel safer and it seems easier.

when I go completely on my own it seems harder and I get more easily stressed.

I occasionally go to a cafe on my own. I wouldn’t go to the cinema as If I had to leave my seat during the intermission I would struggle to find where I had been sitting and would end up making a prat of myself.

I do a lot of things on my own. I don’t have friends to do things with. So I go to doctors and coffee shops. I like grocery shopping. I’m trying to get a gym pass so I can exercise and that will be alone

Id be out there right now if i could.

Not anywhere in town but out wandering the wildernesses near where i live.

Nothing in town interests me but outside there are some truly breathtaking places to see that i love. I have no way to get there though.

Id hit up a coffee shop back in the day but it got boring. One time though this guy walked up and started preaching to me about stuff and then this other guy also came up and began preaching, they entered into a religious battle of moronically epic proportions, the anger was seething out of them like there was no tommorrow. It was awesome and quite funny! That was the only not boring visit to the coffee shop i had.

One of them just enraged at the other exclaimed “we chose to be here!” Which i was very confused about because one would have to be insane to want to do this. The other guy was telling me how demons shudder at hearing about god or something, well if they are so afraid of him why don’t they do what he says?

Once i had a relative working there and she came out to give me a cup and talk to me. Her co-worker saw us and asked when she went back “is he bothering you?”

Yeah i don’t really go out much, but i would go see places in nature if i could.

Too many people know me. I want to leave and go to another town. I hate having to keep up with people. I just want to be alone. Wow… I am sort of contradictory…

I go out on my own, but I don’t like being a familiar face. I just want people to stop acknowledging me. I don’t know what I am saying really.

I guess I like solitude, but I don’t like to make my own coffee (our house has hard water, not good tasting coffee). I don’t know what to do…