Going from occasional use of marijuana to indulging every day increases the risk of psychosis by up to 159%

  • Marijuana use significantly reduces your ability to resist inappropriate behavior
  • The drug is thought to cause psychosis by increasing a user’s depression risk
  • A link has previously been established between depression and psychosis’ onset
  • Psychosis-like experiences may be a serious concern if they occur repeatedly
  • Symptoms include feeling something external is part of you and persecution

Going from being an occasional marijuana user to indulging every day increases the risk of psychosis by up to 159 percent, new research reveals.

Marijuana is thought to cause psychosis-like experiences by increasing a user’s risk of depression, a study found. The two mental health conditions have previously been linked.

Frequently abusing the substance also significantly reduces a user’s ability to resist socially unacceptable behavior when provoked, the research adds.

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This explains why I have an undisgnosable mood disorder with psychosis. It looks to the doctors like bipolar disorder and is actually severe depression.
I was a regular marijuana smoker and grower in my teens and 20’s. Smoking maybe 100$ a day of high quality pot. Now have psychotic episodes unless I take a mood stabilizer and antidepressant.
It’s not schizophrenia it’s not schizoaffective

I also have strong genetic predisposition to depression OCD and anxiety which runs in my family

Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

I’ve quit THC now. I only have CBD hemp tea which has 0.2% THC and 5% CBD.

Do you think this will be fine to take?
I mean, the CBD should be neuro protective but I’m worried about the tiny amount of THC in the hemp.

I’d like to give up hemp and cannabis altogether but I often think that the CBD may be good for me. And every now and then I fancy it.

Do you think hemp can cause psychosis, it has 0.2% to 0.3% THC in it. But I’m thinking the CBD won’t make it psychotic?

So far CBD seems to have a medicinal use for mental illness. I think there is still research to be done. I’m not a medical professional. I think if you search the forum you might find some info. That being said I don’t smoke marijuana anymore CBD or THC. SzAdmin often posts new research studies. I don’t think it’s a crusade against marijuana. I think it’s plain and simple truth for people who have a predisposition to mental illness and also for teenagers whose brains are still developing. Excessive use of marijuana can have detrimental effects. It’s usually true for most things.

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Thanks @anon40653964. :slight_smile:

By the way, I love Thai foods as well mate, it’s just amazing. :slight_smile:

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As an ex-cigarette smoker, it was the almost the only food I could actually taste for a long time haha.

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