Going back on Aripiprazole


I am currently on 800mg of Amisulpiride.

Does anyone know the what the equivalent corresponding dose be for aripiprazole?



Not quite sure. However aripiprazole has the least side effects. It’s working fine for me. Good luck


Based on the above info, 20mg of aripiprazole is equal to 800mg of Amisulpiride.


If you can get approved for it Rexulti, it is the replacement for Abilify/ aripiprizole. It has similar qualities, but works well on negative symptoms too.

I just got back on it and think it may be the one for me.

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Nice chart, but i see clozapine 600 MG as being wayyyyy more potent than 20 MG abilify, for example.

I think this chart is just showing the lowest vs. the highest doses of each medication.

Not the “equivalent strength”

I’ve never taken amulsapride or know much about it, clozaril though is definitely a stronger medication than abilify. Not represented by this chart

Yes, you are correct. I only noticed it now.

You Can go into the antipsychotic converter and Enter 800 mgs of Qutiapine (100 mg Amisulpride(solian)=100 mg Qutiapine))
And the system Will prompt 800 mg = 80 mg Abilify.
Lastly the very unpopular conclusion that Abilify does`nt fit very good for psychosis but rater depression.
Amisulpride is ranked as the 2. Most potent antipsychotic after Clozapine.

Solian has one very bad side effect and that is that it often ruin your sex life.

I just wanted to comment because you deserterede a plain and simple answer.

Here is link to to AP dose converter:

It can give a indication, but many AP’s are like comparing fruits with vegetables, they are completely different in their action.

Brexpiprazole was terrible for me, i had gained a lot of weight on it compared to abilify

I’ve taken Aripiprazole before but now I’m not taking it…