Such a hard time desifering who’s voice I am led by or hear, where the implanted thoughts come from. God, satin, myself, or schizophrenia

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Ghost adventures are on right now, so i know how you feel.

Test the spirits to see if they be of God. Ask God for the gift of discernment.
Gods voice will usually be a guiding voice and positive, though you can be presented with challenges that sometimes seem hard.

thought i woud say hi.
listen to the good voices…sometimes they have good ideas.
take care

My parish priest said that voices either come from the “Evil One, yourself, or God.” If the voices tell you to do something bad, then it’s not from God, that’s what I figure, anyway. Good or bad voices could come from yourself, and who knows, maybe once in a while you’ll get some excellent direction or comfort from God.

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My priest essentially told me the same thing.

You can understand it by changing your meds and see how these voices change, based on my experience on different meds this is schizophrenia.

That is well said ! Only thing I could add there is God can also include angels, and evil one could also include demons, but they would be from the source of the other two…I guess you could also add spirits of those passed…

That leaves self speak or voices from ones own mind…and that’s where we would need to discern whether or not the voices are coming from the spiritual sources, or self which could be considered hallucinations if the voices become audible, mocking. or distracting…disrupting ones daily life

[quote=“CarolineC, post:5, topic:8114, full:true”]
If the voices tell you to do something bad, then it’s not from God, that’s what I figure, anyway. [/quote]

I’m no Bible expert but didn’t God command Abraham to KILL his son Isaac???Test or not, this is God commanding someone to do something bad.

@SarahA: I’ll paraphrase the words of a fine psychiatrist here and say that I am not an authority on reality, I can’t say for sure that what you are experiencing is this or that, what’s important is are you suffering from hearing these voices?

If they are making you suffer, then medication may be worth a try as the correct medication can stop these symptoms of whatever it may be that’s causing you to hear voices.

You are right, He did. Although God knew he would stop it from actually happening, Abraham didnt…
It was a very rare and one time event in that case. It was supposed to be a symbolic example of Jesus sacrifice centuries later.
It is not something God would do today, and people should be careful of how they interpret things, as I have heard from time to time some psychopath will claim God told them to do some horrible thing and they end up finding out too late it wasnt God at all but either a devil or their own warped sense of thinking…

If you explore the truth, you find it.

If you stick to accepting the beliefs and disbeliefs that are set by others, you will not find it.

Unfortunately, once you are tagged with the title schizophrenic, if you do find the truth you can not share it with others. You will be laughed at, scorned and overall crucified by the masses, if you attempt to do so.

However, if you act like a lunatic ( under the title of schizophrenic ), then you will simply be ignored by the masses instead.

You see, if you find the truth, then you are as sane as sane can be, for no insane mind can find the actual truth, the actual real, the actual reality, because they are detached from reality. But since the masses have not found this complete truth, they are therefore not completely sane, yet they behave as though they think that they are. In turn, the masses see the absolutely sane as the absolutely insane.

A simple way the detect those who are not completely sane is if they still base decisions upon beliefs and disbeliefs. If you have found the truth, then you need not practice beliefs and disbeliefs.

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If there even was one ultimate knowable truth, would we all even see it the same way? Would how you see and think about this great truth be the same as I or another see and think about it? Even if we were faced with the same truth we would all interpret it differently.

Your truth is not my truth is not another’s truth even if we are all speaking of the same truth.

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I don’t own a truth.

The idea of my truth and your truth, in truth, has led right back to individual beliefs.

Truth is truth. It does not have a split personality, so to speak.

However, the view of this truth is seen differently by the sane, and the insane.

Ah but I never said anything about a split personality (though who of us is to say it doesn’t) what I was saying was exactly what I said.

An old friend of mine used to say she thought of God as hypothetically existing inside a many sided prism. One believer may look in at God and come away saying they saw a blue light she’d say, another would come away saying “Blue! Untrue! I saw red!” And another may come away having seen green. They wer, hypothetically of course, looking in at the same God but viewing each a different side or face of this hypothetical prism.

I always liked that perspective of hers.

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I never said that you did say such.

Hmmmmm… a prism splits light into a spread of colors.

You have to be really careful of what you perceive when you have schizophrenia because the delusions tie into the hallucinations to the point where you justify doing bad things. When my symptoms spiked four years ago I really believed God was commanding me to chose whether I should live or die. It was a choice I felt pressured to make. This lead me to trying to take a gun from an officer which lead to having charges filed against me. I rarely hear voices but when I pray and ask God questions he answers through inspiration. It’s hard to describe but I do get an answer to my questions or a question will come up that will answer mine. I was really struggling with intense anxiety recently. I asked God why I had to deal with this. He asked me what did I gain from sz. And I realized that because I have struggled so much I am so grateful for things I would have ignored before. My life has abundance and I now realize that. What a blessing! Something that has always helped me is checking the facts with someone you trust. So if God tells you to do something, ask someone if that’s a good idea because trust me this illness lies to you. Good luck. :sunny:

It really depends on what the voices are telling you to do. Are they positive or negative actions, or can you tell anymore. It wouldn’t hurt to do a reality check with someone you trust like @SunGirl mentioned if you can’t tell. I find positive actions are very good for my well-being.