My goals currently

  1. Finish this semester with A’s in both classes
  2. Start taking Japanese this summer
  3. Continue through the fall and spring with language
  4. Take African history class
  5. Study abroad in Japan spring 2018
  6. Graduate
  7. Move back to OBX and live peacefully and work

Find friends and a girlfriend are mixed in there somewhere but these seem like more attainable goals. Also record my song.


Great goals,hope you achieve it and enjoy time when trying to achieve the goals

My immediate goal is to obtain contraband food on the cardiac ward. I have a fantastic strategy for sneaking out and acquiring tacos. Sole problem is the three block travelling limitation I’m faced with. Currently Googling how to build a ramjet out of bedpans.



@velociraptor What are you doing on the cardiac ward—are you OK? :worried:

Right this instant? Trying to compromise a wireless access point. Can’t sleep. And I want Netflix.



@Kazuma That is a very impressive set of goals! Best of luck with everything.

Goals are key to heading in the direction you would like to otherwise, at least I, tend to wander around aimlessly. Those seem like great and attainable goals, keep up the good work!

@velociraptor I guess I meant why are you in the cardiac ward–hopefully nothing too serious.

@velociraptor - is this med related or your prior issue or something else entirely? In any case, best wishes for you, your heart and your Netflix.

NOTHING to do with meds. Pre-existing heart defect that may have developed further complications. Also confirmed pacemaker is not running top shelf right now. At least one surgery needed soon.

Edit: Netflix is the priority. Had a DD season two marathon planned before this BS steamrolled me.

I’m sorry to hear about all that, pixel. Speaking of DD, my roommate is binge watching it right now. I’ve seen him watch 3 episodes, and he says he’s almost done with season 2 already.

Hope they get it sorted soon, from one wonky-hearted person to another. And one Internet addict to another as well.

Get better period

I hope everything goes well and that you’re back home soon.
Oh, and maybe try to convince the nurse that access to Netflix is medically necessary. :smile:

My goal is just to be well
If I was well I’d then start thinking of other goals