Global warming is great, at least here

Where I am winters become mild and summers are hot. Last winter was very mild and today the temperature is +30 celcius or so. What do you think?

We had a very mild winter and it rained only a few days. It is very rare to have any rain after may until october. Worst drought on record here. Can’t water the lawn, wash the car, and if this keeps up, it will cost $25 bucks every time we flush the toilet.

I’d say you have a lot of water. Closest I got to Finland was Sweden back in 1990. I remember it had been very cold for the first week, then one day it got uncomfortably hot for a few days.
Around here, it’s either drought or flood. In 2006 our town had been declared a disaster-zone by the president, we lost everything in our house when the creek overflowed it’s banks and ended up inside our house.

I’m in Sweden. It wasn’t really winter this year. And spring came early. Usually we have snow till April. But not this year. Flowers bloomed in March.

I live in a goddamn desert, not by choice though.

Every year has already been horrible in the summer, and now it’s going to get worse.

I keep thinking, why build a city in the desert exactly?

Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil and they need water and Finland has a lot of water, so let’s do an exchange, oil for water :smile:, almost forgot that they are in the process of developing biofuel from trees and Finland is full of trees too. You never know how the world changes in the future :smile: But global warming is great :smile:

I know there are many places on the Earth where people can not drink the tap water. In the 1990s I visited Mexico few times and for example, one Wayne in San Carlos, Sonora always bought the bottled water, because it was dangerous to drink this Mexican tap water.

Now it is 32 celcius here in Finland, that is 90 F degrees, nice and warm.

Wow, I didn’t know Finland can get so hot. That sounds like Cape Town’s summer temps. Your day must be very long now that your summer solstice is approaching. What time is sunrise and sunset where you are?
Here in Cape Town we are in winter, and have been blessed with lots of rain this past week. Temperatures have been around 16C. Our city has one of the cleanest tap water in the world, another great blessing.

I wish it was more cold in Oklahoma. It has been in the high 90’s (f) this week.

My word, that sounds unreal! I can’t imagine a 2 hour long night! Even in summer our nights here in Cape Town are just over 9 hours long. Wow.

Been consistently 30-34 c in Canada here

Can not talk about the global warming any longer, it has snowed almost every day here where I am, far are the hot summer months (still coming hopefully in June-August 2015), here is a view from my balcony today:

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