Strange weather patterns

The climate is changing. We had very mild winter with very little snow. And today we have 25 celcius degrees, 75 F degrees, warmer than in some Mediterranean countries. Many Finns travel to some southern places in the summer, but I do not see any point here, because people can enjoy warm weather also here in Finland. People should be like migrating birds, travel to warm places when it is winter.

Many people in Finland have their summer cottages or houses where they spend some time in the summer. It is just a tradition in Finland. Some people, f. ex. who have immigrated to Sweden come to their summer houses and so on. Of course, many young people do Interrailing to travel in Europe as I did in the beginning of the 1990s.

Here is an article about the Finnish summer cottage tradition. The population of Finland is 5.2 million and 800000 people belong to a family who have a summer cottage.

We had a surprisingly stormy winter here in the us (east coast). I think it actually broke records!

I’ve been reading a lot about global warming and the melting ice caps. Intensely alarming! It’s predicted that sea level will rise THREE FEET by 2100. That’s insane. Also, the rate the ice caps are melting makes it impossible to stop them from melting and tropical storms are traveling closer and closer to the poles every year.

@Trigger my son just learned about that! I think he said it’d rise 5 feet, though. Still, it’s a significant rise and it’d be crazy to see the difference!

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I agree with that! I would love to migrate to some island during the winter. We have been getting some very bitter winters over the last few years…

climate change is real and happening, australia is experiencing wierd weather.
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It’s quite straight forward. The world has lost it’s mind. It is beginning to split up into multiple personalities that are randomly popping up at different locations. Some think it’s spring, others think it’s winter, and others think it’s summer.

Their heads are also spinning due to the loss of a firm anchor, and thus in turn are causing tornadoes and hurricanes.