There goes global warming, snow in the middle of the summer

It has been unusually cold here in Finland. In some places it has snowed. When I went for my daily bicycle ride, my fingers almost froze. So there goes this global warming. One day it was extremely hot and not unusually cold. Makes me to sleep during the day :wink:

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Skiing in the middle of the summer, there is no global warming at all, maybe global coldening :smile:


Nice photos of the cold weather in your city. It’s worrying that global warming spreads everywhere now.

The end is near! :stuck_out_tongue:

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i love snow, when it does snow i am making a snowman army and going to take over the world…hahahahahahahaha…
take care

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They call it climate change now.

Went for my morning bicycle ride and it was just 9 celcius degrees, 48 F degrees, quite cool, at the night it might have been freezing. I know that potatoes have frozen in one place, so no new potatoes, I remember that the previous time when it snowed in June was in 1982, 32 years ago. In Alaska and Greenland it has been warmer than in Finland, maybe I should start using my black fur hat again, in the middle of the summer :smile:

I live in Turkey. We have had heavy rain with hailstones in the last two weeks. The crops are suffering. Not good.