Glasses poll

Do you wear glasses?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Contacts

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Yes, I do. :crazy_face:

i don’t wear glasses =)

Just for reading. I buy the cheaters at the dollar store

I wear daily disposable contact lenses. But I should become better at using sunglasses to prevent UV damage to my eyes.

I have near sighted and astigmatism, I like being able to see with glasses, but want contacts.

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Have you talked to an optometrist? They have contact lenses for astigmatism now, but I don’t think they work with very severe astigmatism.

Yes and no?

My prescription has gone from Plano to -2.50 and everywhere in between and back in the last 6 months.

I am Mr.Magoo with my little round glasses with thick lenses.



I did Lasik back in 2016 and my vision is still very good.


Mostly glasses, but I have contacts for special occasions. I dislike them, they feel wrong.

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I’ve worn glasses since I was a year old.

Something about my eyes always forms a cloudy film on contact lenses. I can’t see through them or wear them.

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I did PRK laser eye surgery in 2019 and my vision is still excellent.


Only from 2021. But I only use them when I’m on my PC or reading etc.

I’m near sighted, with an astigmatism in both eyes. Currently wear contacts, but will probably get glasses soon.


Yes I need glasses when I drive and to see far away.

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My right eye is stronger than my left eye but I don’t need glasses, I’m 43.

It’s odd, everyone in my family/relatives wears glasses except my brother and myself.

My eysight is diminished, but still not too bad. I’m in my 40’s. I predict I will wear glasses within the next 10 years.

diagnosed with astigmatism at 17, wore glasses for awhile then lost them. need to go back to the eye doctor before 2024 when i have to renew my license, i had to guess on the last eye test, but i don’t think my driving is that bad. i have a hard time gauging how much room i have on the passenger side of the road though. i may move, where i don’t need to drive, but i would still wear glasses as i like the look, they accentuate my face and distract from my increasingly bald head haha.

Just reading glasses