Contacts or glasses

What do you prefer to wear contacts or glasses, for me I like both but I always wear sun glasses when I am out


I don’t need to wear either (YET anyway). But when the time comes I’ll wear glasses not contact lenses.

Contacts. I don’t like the way I look with any glasses. I always wear sunglasses too. You know there are prescription sunglasses

I wear prescription glasses when I leave the house.
Was thinking about contacts but I really don’t want to put objects into my eyes.

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I like to use glasses for everyday stuff. If I’m going to something important I’ll put in contacts.

Contacts dry my eyes out. I got prescription sunglasses for $12 from zenni optical. It’s a website for cheap glasses.

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I wish I could wear glasses. I’m thinking about getting a non prescription just for style.

I wear glasses when I read. I read that contacts can sometimes get stuck in your eye(s). Blah :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Good idea @GEDchill, I also think eyeglasses just to wear are pretty fashionable.

I love glasses! I wear mine with pride

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Glasses. A long time ago I wore contacts. I need to get progressive glasses.

I tried contacts when I was a young man back in the late 1970’s early 1980’s. I fell asleep one day without removing my contacts, and when I woke up my eyes were stuck closed. I haven’t worn contacts since.

Glasses. Contacts would be too difficult for me to manage.

I just went to Walmart to buy a pair. They only have them in prescriptions.

I use to wear contacts but wear glasses since I have astigmatism but would like to try contacts again since they can make them thinner than they use to

I use contact lenses since I was 12 years old.

Glasses, i use glasses

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I use glasses. My number of left eye is - 14+1.75 cyl and right eye - 16+0.5 cylindrical. I am using 1.7 D glasses.

I prefer glasses as contacts are expensive now. I have some contacts but that’s only for going out.

I usually wear glasses but prefer how I look with contacts