Giving up caffeine sugar and tobacco

Im giving up caffeine sugar and tobacco they all screw with you neurotransmitters and makes things worse. I still eat a small amount of chocolate because it makes me happy and sometimes I have a soft drink but Im doing ok and feel a lot better.


Getting rid of 3 addictions simultaneously can be a real challenge, bordering on impossible.
I don’t wanna be a debbie downer but maybe it won’t work. In which case don’t get discouraged! Baby steps and one addiction at a time until you feel comfortable again. Then on to the next one.
Good luck!

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Nice ! I’m on that wagon as well.


Sugar, eh, I kinda need that 4 my stomach.


Good luck.

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Ive given up coffee it was actually quite easy. Occassionally I still have a coke. Ive stopped smoking and starting vaping and Ive cut back on sugar also eating lots of vegetables


You should quit vaping, too.

I’m not going to argue about suger and tobacco, but caffeine can be beneficial. It promotes autophagy in the brain. This may be particular benefical for people like us since we take drugs that deteriorate the cell environment in the brain.

But then there’s a big difference drinking one or two beverages a day and drinking half a dozen. I’m trying to get a little caffeine each day now, but a part of it is I’m not able to excersise at the moment(which also induces autophagy)

I got rid of sugar (I’m diabetic), although I occasionally have a sweet treat. I quit smoking 13 years ago. I drastically cut down on caffeine but I didn’t quit it. I use to drink like 8-10 cups of coffee a day. Now I drink 1 coffee in the morning and then it’s tea throughout the day. Tea has caffeine but not nearly as much as coffee.

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I quit smoking 15 years ago
Sugar inc everything added including fruit concentrate and in ingredients
And 100% plant based diet for the last 3 months

This has taken years to get to
I tried vegan sugar free for absolutely ever
Joined overeaters anonymous and got this

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I quit smoking 3 years ago and quit coffee 1 month ago. It helps.

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