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So i went to my local vitamins and health…stuff…store. Actual name. I talked to them about sarcosine they didnt have any but are ordering me some. I went ahead and got some ginseng and fish oil pills. Any way i drank a mtdew and took a ginseng pill and holy hell it was terrible the dosage was too high and i was all fidgety and uncomfortable. So today i ate first poured half of a tablet into some water and i actualy feel ok decent energy and motivation. Was wondering if anyone else has tried it or found something better?

Yes if you go online their is a plant called ashwaghanda.
It’s is a root of a plant that is a natural sedative if you boil the roots and drink the water very nice calm feeling.

I recently bought a herbal supplement for focus and mental performance or something. It has Ginseng in it and it made me really anxious. I have stopped taking it. I will order sarcosine and l-theanine when I have some money but I won’t take that supplement again.

I have started taking fish oil too, and b vitamins and a multivitamin.

I was about to try ginseng! Gee, it is a good thing I didn’t before I read your post, as I probably would have dosed myself way too much.

I have tried gotu kola for concentration improvement and energy and I found it works for helping boost the time it takes to think of a word I am looking for…also, I feel more alert. Bought it on amazon for eighteen bucks and a giant, one-pound bag arrived. Here’s my recipe that keeps me feeling perky for an hour or two after drinking it:

2 teaspoons of gotu kola (okay, that’s the recommended, but to be honest I accidentally dumped in 2 TABLESPOONS since the beginning, it worked, and I haven’t looked back)
2 tablespoons of lavender earl grey tea (something lavender or bergamot oil flavored, those can override hay taste)
2 tabespoons of half and half
4 Splenda

These herbs are powerful, wonder how they interact with psych meds?
Here’s a list of what I’m on:
(baclofen for neck pain)

yerba mate tea
gotu kola
valerian root tea

about to try garcinia cambogia for weight loss, hoping that I can lose weight with half the recommended dose since I’m afraid of psych med interactions…

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call me weird but I use an Amber stone to help me focus and a Magnetite to align my body’s energies…I also have a couple other stones that I feel help, if only because I think they will…placebo effect I guess…