Ghost Shows

I know I’ve mentioned this before,

But has anyone noticed the growing number of shows about ghost hunting?

With my mother in law gone I can watch what I want during the day now,

I’m stunned that half my options are ghost shows.

What happened to daytime tv?

Why has it been taken over by the paranormal?

Is anyone else bothered by these shows?


I find them really boring and formulaic to be honest.


I think that’s a fair assessment.

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I don’t have cable nor watch TV, so I’m a little clueless about what’s popular on the tube these days.

I do enjoy a well made paranormal talk show on the radio though.

Are these ghost shows on TV even well made?

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I used to love ghost shows and paranormal tv. I’ve even been on a few ghost hunts myself.

The shows have gotten progressively worse and over the top.


They definitely have high production value,

But I wouldn’t say they’re quality.

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Cheap television where you send out a camera and sound person and record people doing normal stuff. Those ghost hunting shows I’ve seen is all setup. What was that? Did you here that noise? etc. It’s pretty formulaic and quite poor really.

I would rather watch Jerry Springer but they don’t even play that anymore over here!


I see. Well that’s a bummer.

I miss the days of shows like Unsolved Mysteries, Dark Shadows, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Shows that were well made, a little creepy, but also fun at the same time.

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Remember when television stations had dead air time early in the morning? If I was a kid back then I’d totally start a rumor that if you watch it late at night a ghost show will come on. As far as shows about ghosts go, I find most of them painfully boring. I’m not sure why they are so popular. I prefer hearing about near-death-experiences, and I’ve never seen a show about those.

I used to love Fact or Fiction, hosted by Jonathan Frakes.


well I don’t watch tv so im not to blame for this. but I think I would like ghost shows. im interested in the paranormal.

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Idk I find them weirdly funny. Cause like “Ooooh I feel watched and see shadows sometimes I hear footsteps” and I’m just like get on my level lmao

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Might be slightly off topic but here’s Uri Geller getting exposed

If you’re into paranormal stuff, Red Lights is a good movie…

I love ghost shows. They can be a bit boring waiting to see a ghost. I’ve been a fan of ghost shows for years

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Its almoat the best time of year! The second half with Halloween Thanxgiving and xmas! And it gets “less hot” here in Houston in the winter!

Yesterday me and my friend were hanging out in my living room watching TV and his keys flew off the table ! It didn’t scare us but idk what to think

Haha this is perfect.

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