Why do you go back to the hospital?

I’ve just gotten Ill this past October, but I don’t understand why so many people go back to the hospital after they’re medicated. If you’re on meds what reason do you have to go back to the hospital? Why not just take the meds that you most likely already have and wait it out?


Because sometimes, no matter how strong you are, you can’t handle it on your own. And medicines don’t always kill all symptoms.
Besides, if I start having voices urging me to kill or harm myself again, I’d rather be in a hospital than home alone if the urge becomes uncontrollable.

… Besides, I want to make sure I’ve done anything I can to get better. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.


I’ve made it to the hospital against my will most of the time. I was suicidal at those points and called a friend and said I was going to kill myself. I’ve also been put into the hospital for psychosis. I’m on a court ordered shot now and haven’t been to the hospital in years. I still hear voices and I’m a little suicidal but the intensity is less.


I dont know. I have never been hospitalised. I take my meds and I am relatively fine. if it goes out of control hospital may be the only solution. if voices get too harmful and I can’t control them anymore, I would go to hospital.

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Last time I went to the hospital because, even while medicated, I was delusional and getting voices telling me to kill my daughter. I probably would have done it if I wasn’t hospitalized.


you would have done it? really? were the commands so powerful?

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once I went to the hospital cos I was feeling suicidal but until they finally saw me waiting for hours in the emergency room I was better and they didn’t keep me in. they sent me home and told me if I was ever in the same situation and if it was persistent I should go again. that’s my experience with hospitals. fortunately I didn’t have to get hospitalised.

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I’ve always been involuntarily admitted. I wouldn’t even know how to go to a mental hospital if they didn’t transport me to one. We don’t have one where I live and I’ve been driven or flown to different ones depending on where there was an available bed or depending whether I needed intensive care due to overdoses. But I think taking yourself to the hospital is definitely better than being in danger alone with your suicidality.


They really were. And I was pretty delusional. I was pregnant at the time. My tenth pregnancy. I was 7/8 months, right around how far along I was when my son died. The voices were telling me things like it was time, she wasn’t meant to live, she needs to be with the rest of them (my babies that had died), that sort of thing. Plus the delusions that it would be way worse if I didn’t do it myself, without getting into too much detail. It was pretty overwhelming. I loved my daughter and I thought I was saving her by killing her. That that was what needed to happen. Luckily I also had enough insight to know that was beyond ■■■■■■ up and got myself to the hospital ASAP.


how did they treat you there? what meds did you take?

They increased my haldol and tried several sleeping pills, but none really worked well enough. I was on 150 mg trazodone 3x a night (it only lasted an hour or two so I had to keep taking more). One of the big problems exacerbating my psychosis was lack of sleep. I have a sleep disorder and severe insomnia, so that plus normal pregnancy insomnia just added up to be too much to handle. They helped me get sleep, kept me safe, and once the meds had stabilized me and the voices and delusions had faded I went home.


Look at what the Psych Ward can provide. 3 meals a day, socialization, and sometimes puzzles, coloring books, and games. When you are in a tight spot or stressed out by life events such as death of a parent, or moving out of your parents’, or parent’s home when you are more severely mentally ill, or have a bad response to a new drug it’s good that you can go there. Other reasons some people fall in love with it is they get more attention from people who understand their illnesses. I only went there 1 time during my first 22 years of illness expect for brief overnight er visits. Then my father died and I finally went to an apartment and took a new drug with bad side effects. So I went there. At first I felt like you about it and thought why in the World are there frequent visitors. Then I fell in love with the places I went and had significant problems as well and came 4 times in a half year. They caught on when i came in saying i needed to sleep and gave me a harsh and firm treatment and I haven’t been back in almost 3 years. I overcame my fear of not sleeping, kicked my porn habit, started socializing at the apartment, learned to trust the doctors again and stopped messing with my meds, and got better. The last visit seemed to be made specifically to give me the boot with tough love. Now I am more confident in my ability to survive. Others stay in the loop because their illnesses are worse. That’s just the way it goes.


Cause telling other people like ur psych doc ur gonna throw urself off a roof gets u in handcuffs in the back of the cop car.

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Is the ruler back?

I do only when I go off my meds , but my brother’s meds just quit working. He had to switch

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