Getting there slowly

so today was the first day i truly feel like i’ve done something. i loaded the dishwasher, cleared the kitchen, emptied all the bins, took the rubbish out, did two loads of washing and drying, mowed the lawn, took sam to her vocational training, took the dog to the woods and did the shopping…whoop whoop!! this over medicating is finally leaving my system. it wasn’t a mammoth amount and the place still looks like a tip but it will b achieved slowly but surely. i’m slowly coming back to normal…well, my normal anyway. so relieved. xxx


Good for you! I can only envy such motivation and industry.

Nice. I’m tired just reading all the stuff you did today. :smile:

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@crimby and @Malvok alien99 was right, i was over medicated. i couldn’t do a thing while that dose was in my system. if u saw my house at the moment you’d freak out. it’s a tip right now. never mind…more stuff for me to do tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’m glad you are there, back to normal. I made several calls today to question a lot of things. Yes, I have to pay an $80 medical bill that I don’t remember being billed for. I also worked out some things for school.

For the day I’m almost finished. It’s a good place to be.

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it’s great when u can accomplish stuff, isn’t it! i am soooo excited about the rest of the week lol.

So far all I’ve managed to do today was take beautiful shower. It was hot, but not blazing hot, and I felt so relaxed letting the water run down on me I almost didn’t want to get out. I know this evening I’m doing the dishes like I do every night of the week (except for Sunday’s…mom or dad usually do them on Sunday’s so I can have a night off). I’ll probably get some writing done. I don’t know if it will be for my book or just random writing, it’s hard to say.

I did manage to update my phone, and finally Windows Phone has the feature to download apps to your SD card to free up memory space on the actual phone, so I have more app’s installed than I did before and I don’t have to worry about running out of space again. I still need to vacuum over by kitty’s litter box, I managed to scoop it out and put fresh litter in yesterday but there’s still a mess from doing so over there. I think I’ll put that off until tomorrow.


This is wonderful news @jaynebeal - I on the other hand spent the majority of my day on the couch :cry: I dont know what is wrong with me- but enough about me. I am really glad you had the motivation today - keep it up! :smiley:

thanx @Wave and i hope u feel better soon xxx

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It’s amazing you could do so much in a day! This is very, very productive of you. Take care and keep it up!

thanx @green6…this is my intermitent normal. i have kids so i have to do these things everyday. can’t have my life falling apart around them. when my husband was alive i could rely on him but now i’m a single parent, it’s just me so i have to keep everything up together. thanx for the support hunni xxx

@jaynebeal one of your normal days would make me tired :sunny: Glad to see you back on track.

Good for you. I would like to say the same thing about me, but right now I’m on that phase where I’m looking for solutions for my avolition. I seem to be very willing to do so, but I’m not really able to do anything much otherwise. Now I gotta go, my son is awake and I have to give him a shower then shower myself and think of my options for the day.

May I say I envy you a bit for your drive, I haven’t had that lately and it’s getting to me, the house, the dishes, the Norwegian and PHP lessons I didn’t yet take for today…

chin up @Zupa, ur energy will return xxx

thanx @BarbieBF, that made me smile xxx

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I’m very lazy with cleaning, but this morning I had a rare moment when I cleaned around the kitchen sink and the dishrack which was filthy. I felt quite proud of myself!

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go saadiqah!! u can do it. little goals, one step at a time. xxx