Getting the stimulus soon!... The first two

I just got a text from h&r block they irs is gonna process everything between 24 and 48 hours! And yes I am going to be getting the stimulus payments everyone else got that I didn’t! I’m excited!


I didn’t receive it.

Congratulations @Twialine

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Thanks @Wave … I had to go talk to h&r block to get the ball even rolling

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This is misinformation. They are saying in a month.

@Daze. You’re misreading I’m getting the first and second check not the third

No you’re not.

@Daze. Not arguing about this I know what they said when I went to H&R block


My father got it too, he’s not even American citizen. We live in Japan. But he does get social security, because he worked there

That’s awesome. What are your plans with it? I hope you treat yourself.

I plan on pitching in for my dress! @anon78876561

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well, I did talk to my brother yesterday, and he said we ARE going to get it,
and I think he read it in the newspaper,
but I listen to, and watch the news on t.v.
and they haven’t said this.
So, I take that back, you may be right,
but I’ll believe it when I see it.

@Daze. I told you I haven’t gotten the first two that everyone else got I’m waiting for all 3 checks

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You are making perfect sense. I’m just sorry it’s taken so long for you to get them.

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@anon78876561. It’s fine I’m just glad I’m finally getting it

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She is talking about the two from last year. She never got the one in April, and the end of December one. The third hasn’t passed congress yet.

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ok. Phil never got the 2nd one, 600 dollars, because he hasn’t filed taxes in a couple of years, or that’s what he found they said on the IRS official site.
Makes no sense, since he got a paper check with the first one.
I really don’t understand it all. Why do you think you haven’t gotten them?
I was told on Facebook, if you got the 600 dollars check, you won’t get the 1400 dollars. it might have changed though in Congress.

@Daze I got a thing from irs saying how much I made last year I took it to h&r block and they said “you’re entitled to the stimulus you didn’t get you’re getting $1,800!” I got a text yesterday that they approved it! I can screen shot the texts if you still don’t believe me

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No, I believe you.
and that’s good news that I should share with Phil.
but he doesn’t have up front money to pay to have his taxes done.
will they take that fee out of your return?

@Daze. No but it cost me $35 for mine because it was simple

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You can file your 2020 tax return on turbotax for free. I didn’t get the last stimulus checks either and I filled out the section that says you didn’t get the stimulus: its called the “recovery rebate credit” but turbotax is really easy to fill out. I only had to fill out the federal e-file online.

My tax return was just accepted so that means its in their system. I have no idea when I will actually have the funds and Im not sure why i didnt receive the last stimulus, but it was prob just a banking error or the demand was so high a lot of people got left out.

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