Got my first two stimulus today!

Finally! After so much waiting! I got my first two stimulus payments this morning! I’m soooooo happy


And tomorrow my disability check comes in too!

I’m waiting for disability payment

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@anon39015889. Covid it’s the payments everyone else got in the US but I didn’t

What was the reason you didn’t get them the first round? I forget.

I’m unsure if I will get them yet or not cuz my parents claimed me as a dependent on their 2019 taxes

so glad to hear that! I’m not gonna file, but will get the new one, if and when.

@anon99082702. I have no clue all I know is I had to talk to h&r block to get it with a pape the government sent me saying how much I made in 2020… Btw I was claimed in 218 or 2019 I can’t remember what one… It goes by 2020 taxes not 2019

@Daze. Thanks! Glad to hear it! Welcome back I truly missed ya

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Congratulations @Twialine!

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Yay! Don’t catch the virus!

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