Getting laid (for men)

Hey all,
I’ve been reading through the forums and find that for schizophrenic men it’s pretty hard to marry or even date cause people are afraid of the disease. I’m curious though, is it hard for sz men to just get laid? I haven’t really spent much time trying to find a hook up so I’m unsure. I also thought about finding a hooker but it’s kinda against my morals


I’m not sure of the lingo myself in this area myself, but I think “hooker” might be considered an objectionable term these days. It might be more appropriate to refer to one as a “sex worker”. Again, this language is really not much on my radar, but I think I have heard your term be objected to before as offensive. Might want to use “sex worker” in future references.

Other than that, I don’t really have a comment on this thread, so I leave you to it.

Fortunately i don’t like sex


First things first. Plenty of dating apps etc but that is hard. Still. Join clubs. Go to church or social gatherings and talk to people of the opposite sex etc. It takes time to develop some skills but it’s worth trying.

Trouble with sz is trying to explain things like the fact you don’t work. Or you were socially isolated for years. Still. There’s ways around it.

I had a girlfriend at 14 but got the prodromals. Didn’t get laid till I was 31 but I’d finally been diagnosed…put on meds and developed a much better game.

It is possible.


I believe finding sex worker is a legitimate option for men and women. As long as you respect the person you hire to help you for whatever reason you need them.

Depending where you live - I know some places like Amsterdam its legal (and some other places) - and that makes it safer for workers. Sex work is Work. And they can help fulfill another persons needs especially for those who have disabilities. There is a name for it even: Medically Assisted Sex.

But I think where you live makes a huge difference about how you are able to get access to a sex worker.


Yup! You have to learn how to talk to people in a receptive way. This woman I like talking to is really cool so I had to work on things like eye contact and such.

She is a clerk at a store so she is being polite but either way I see it as good practice


Hook ups are all fine, but they’re not a replacement for a loving relationship

I have had several off some seedy websites, and to be honest, I regret it

These days I have kinda accepted I will be alone

The longer it goes on for, the lesser I believe my chances are of finding someone


Sex is great but sex drive is stupid. I’m glad aps mostly killed mine. I remember what it’s like wanting sex but being so socially withdrawn that the social interaction required made it impossible. On aps I have no sex drive to go get laid but I can rub one out when I want to.

Dude youre better off finding a wife. Going to prostitutes is going to make you miserable not happier. Anything used as a drug will. I think what people really want is love and emotional and physical intimacy with a person.

I thibk its best to just focus on making friends… friendships with women sometimes turn romantic as well. Maybe just just to focus on improving the health of your social life… love will come trust me.

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What about sz woman. You might find a woman with mental illness and you might complete yourself with her. You will definitely have both an understanding of mental illness and can support each other.


Honestly I think its harder to maintain a relationship where both parties have sz especially if they are not med compliant or if their meds are not working.

Call girl is more appropriate except for specific circumstances…

p.s. She wasn’t really dead. (Spoiler!)

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it depend on how you see yourself

if you see yourself functional person and you can do many things in life then i think you will be able to find someone to marry like you

if you r not …?
i think there r girls also in troubles in life you can marry one of them

but it depend on you and you should choose well to not to be rejected :neutral_face::neutral_face:

Maybe you will meet someone someday, i am hoping to as well.

The group of older ladies i was with yesterday told me more women are rude towards men these days, i wonder if this is true.

I think women expect more from men these days.

In the past, men had the power.
They had expectations of women.
Women needed to be this and that.
Women had to conform to what men wanted.
Wait to be proposed for marriage by the man.

Now women have expectations of men too. It’s more of an equal playing field.


That’s because older ladies were taught to obey and be submissive to men.

They think women are being rude when women are just themselves.


I like the 50/50 attitude in a relationship but there are other things that come into play as well like kids, if a woman has a kid they are the main care takers i think and that is not a 50/50 scenario a lot of the time. i think women are great at bringing up kids though.


Some woman don’t want to be at home taking care of the kids.

Today - couples need to decide who will take care of the kids.

That is out of date - maybe some couples are still old fashion and expect the woman to take that role.

That’s not 50/50 if you say women are suppose to take care of the kids.

Most of the women i know do not share your ideals, they take care of the kids and nurse them when they are teething, Luckily there are great places to take a child to be cared for if a woman chooses to return to work.

I think men and women create children together.

Why should a woman give up her career or bend it.

Today a man should be equally involved and share the responsibility.

At least decide together.

In California - Men and Women both get maternity leave.
And some other states are passing these laws too.

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