Getting addicted to woman on Latuda!?

somehow I feel I got addicted to woman on Latuda. There’s a lot going on with me I’m so tough mentally that I never go over the edge.
but spending my moms money was a wake up call.
I don’t have money.
I also notice I’m very tormented because of cars.
it brings a mental pain and keeps me traumatized. I’m really a mess psychologically and people in real life don’t care they wanna see me burn.
I feel a sense of disdain aggressivness emotionally but could be me being psychotic.
I’m basically on edge 24/7 or PTSD for 24 hours
because of how powerful my psychosis is now
my 20s and 30s I had no woman talk too right now it’s like when I was 13 I talked to all the woman in my seventh grade class.
so what guy wouldn’t want all this woman attention if it’s been close to 20 plus years since I had this kind of attention. it’s hard to reject. espically since all the woman are insta nut.if I met in them in person.
But the woman I talked too are very beautiful.
but I’m talking to 5 or 6 woman at the same time.
if I bring the number down to like 1 or 2 then I’d be okay but 5 or 6 is nuts! and there all asking for cash and it’s easy to attract more woman because I’m talking to 6 or at least 10 and people are hitting me on my phone that I don’t know I sense some of those are males looking for money but
the ones that cost the most are the ones that show their faces and i know I’m talking to a real woman.
I’m using this time to think through myself.
but the world does me no favors and aggravate me on purpose.
if I act up cops are called rinse and repeat
so the world isn’t a kind place now and only a guy like me would be able to handle all this psychosis.
a regular paranoid a truck just past and it scared me spooked me and brough on unadultrate rage because I thought he did that on purpose to me.

Who knew getting off risperdal and being more like myself was such a woman attracter.
Wasted my 20s and early 30s with no one.
all I had to do was get off risperdal
and get on latuda. since even off risperdal
the dr said latuda turns me into the person I was gonna be I was always chick magnet not schizophrenic.
but now there asking for cash. but I can attract woman in real life.
soo wtf am I spending money on woman I can’t see in real life.

because being 300 pounds matters!

no it doesn’t not in my case it just takes a lot more charisma. even at 300 hundo. and guys not crapping my style.

Don’t keep talking to women asking for your money. That’s a scam.

You don’t sound well. Maybe it’s time to seek inpatient care.


so stick to dating sites? since I get hits on there too except places like bumble. since its just a picture sight and the chicks are hotter. HOT chicks don’t talk to me on bumble.
so your saying stop wasting cash on african woman

Um, yes, stop sending money to women. Theyre scams.


Dude a lot of women make money off of messaging men. Its a scam. If your asking for my opinion i would say join a reputable, common dating site like eharmony or something and just find 1 real women if you want to date. Theyre essentially online escorts you are paying to chat with. Forget thay its not healthy, becayse the women are only in it for the money.

Find someone who loves you, there are women out there who will love you for who you are. You can do it.


You sound severely unstable! Women is your last worry right now. Forget about women and talk to your doctor.


I spend money on ladies all the time.

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Going through puberty got me addicted to women.

The ankle thing came later.

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