Latuda is a like a ferrari

You have a very powerful machine. You just need to unlock it’s power by learning how to drive it.
Same with latuda it’s hard to go from the way you think for twenty plus years then Latuda is always driving me to think with my intelligence instead of my emotions but my mind is used to the old way you can teach an old dog new tricks but sometimes the old dog is stuck on his ways.
I never given up on the medication but there’s been times where it’s been very hard to go on but I never really missed a dose.
The greatest thing about the medication is that it turns me into someone I would only dream of as a 18 year old. My mind sees things that even regular sane people don’t see because sane people do think clearly but sometimes they are tricked into emotional thoughts but I see it a mile away. I know exactly why they did what they did. Sane people are very social but so am I? so if I just trust in the force that is Latuda and I will unlock the temperture of the room and always think with your mind not your heart. I think thats why I"m very attractive to woman because on this medication with woman I think more with my mind with woman and not my heart. It pretty much makes me attractive to any woman with a pulse. Because on this medication I am very manly even manlier than most man my testrone rages on my body so crazy even as a 40 year old man and even early 20s and 30s guys don’t have the Testorne I have even as a 300 pound man I’m like the unicorn guys that are supposed to be ladies man suave fall before me because My charm is just too juicy and even though I’m not tall the testrone the manliness I show the no fear factor and just always think with my mind with woman makes me a chick magnet. I don’t have the certain factos in real life to attract woman but when I do Im pretty sure it will be easy to score chicks in real life. and i pretty much know the lay of the land to score more and more then I can pick and choose to my liking.
all because latuda turns me into the person I was meant to be changes the game for me.
and I just need to learn to drive myself on what latuda is showing me.
I never thought I be strong on my chest and arms Im like a freaking hammer and my bottom side has always strong it accentuates it. Im built like a football player UFC heavyweight.
THe medicine even took my flat affect and turned me into a lovable cuddly guy to woman. just the mere sight of my picture makes woman wet and guys jealous.

Just trust in the medication let it guide you into sanity.

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I take 120 mg Latuda for mania and as an anti psychotic. I have not noticed the effects you mentioned but everyone’s different, different backgrounds, etc.

This is probably the best post I’ll read today. Good things.

That’s great that you use commen Sence instead of your emotion. The meds I take makes me to a very emphatic and emotion fulfilled man who always try to help my fellow human beings.


Man you got so much confidence.

I am so glad your medication works for you.
I’m on a bit of Latuda 40mg maybe thats not enough.
My main driver is Geodon.

yeah! and guys are haters!

Dissing me about my body struture.

Guys can’t take the L cause they are a walking L in my presence got to threaten my life or my girlfriends lively hood.

Hold the L and move on! keep it pushing!